Any Regrets after Joining Indian Army?

Any Regrets after Joining Indian Army?

The above question was posed to me. Here is the answer:

No Regrets!

I joined NDA after 11th class in 1979. Whatever I have done or achieved in service or later after leaving the service in 2011 I owe to this great organization. I have no regrets. Army gave me the following:

  • Active and adventurous life that I wanted.
  • A life time of playing games and remaining fit as a part of service life. I got opportunity to play Tennis at the national level and train with Boxers of international level.
  • Great scope for personal growth through operating in different terrains, tending different appointments of instructor, staff and command and doing a large number of courses, including two years of PGDM from a civilian institute.
  • Provided me the initial base to work in the field of personality development which is my present engagement.


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