DemonetizationRemoval of Article-370
FictionPromised to remove black money, corruption, fake currency,end cash economyPromised to end terrorism, improve economy, create jobs, improve education & bring happiness in Kashmir
FactsAll of the above have increased in India Large amount of black money held as cash got converted into white.Overall black money increased.Corruption continues as usual.Fake currency increased by 76%Cash in economy increased to over 19 lac crore from under 16 lac crore.Increased alienation; economic loss to Kashmir-15,000 crore; tourism ended, schools colleges are not being attended, with politicians locked up and mobile and internet closed for long people are in a misery.
FictionShort term pain-long term gainSame
FactsThere is short term as well as long term pain; assessed loss: 5 lac crore.Short term pain is apparent; we are waiting for the promised long term gain
FictionAction taken in national interestSame
FactObjective: Election benefit in UPObjective: Election benefit in Haryana & Maharashtra
Exposed sad truthsScared media and corporate wrote and made numerous statements in support of an economic stupidity and of course Modi’s propensity to continue lying and not accepting mistakesKashmiris were let down by numerous people celebrating an unconstitutional act. Kashmiris further let down by the Supreme Court which has not heard a petition on the subject on priority. It is sad that foreigners are debating the violation of human rights and not Indians.


Cashless economy:

Loss of demonetisation:

Fake currency:

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