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Welcome to This Section here you will find All forms for my Online Guidance.In this section below you will get 5 different forms for my online Guidance.Download forms(which guidance you want to take).

*Download and fill these forms.

*Send these forms in my email

My Emails—-[email protected]

My Phone Number— +91 – 8859992227 / Land line 0121/2643332

 **Guidance Forms For Candidates **

*If You want take Guidance Of SSB –Click Here
*If You are take Guidance Of IAS –Click Here
*If You are take Guidance Of Health & Fitness –Click Here
*If You are take Guidance Of Career Enhancement- Click Here
*If You are take Guidance Of Effective ParentingClick Here



Focus on Improvement of Weak Areas of Personality ( During this stage focus is only on improvement of personality, absolutely delinked from SSB process-90-95% Effort.)

  1. First Action-Form Filling. Once a candidate contacts me I will ask him/her to fill up a form & send it online to my email id. 

  2. Second Action(1-3 days) Assessment & Identification of Areas of Improvement. Face to face meeting or skype/ telephonic discussion with me for approx 60 minutes. In this I assess the candidate, his personality strengths & weaknesses. I share this information with the candidate. In cooperation with the candidate I evolve a plan to overcome the weaknesses in a realistic time frame.

  3. Subsequent Action- Feedback & Guidance. We fix up regular feedback & guidance mechanism to monitor progress (as per the convenience of the candidate). Candidate will be assigned guidelines for development orally, as well as in writing through an e- mail. The frequency of interaction is tailor made to the unique needs of each individual. A less mature person will require more frequent interaction, while a more mature person will need it at a much lower frequency. For a candidate due for SSB soon, the frequency of interaction will have to be kept high.

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