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Exam Obsession

Exam Obsession The obsession with obtaining marks rather than genuine capability has extended to the obsession with exams. In terminal exams of even junior classes the trend has become of giving preparatory leave to mug up & a picnic to celebrate, post the agony of exams! Neither is preparatory leave Read more…

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Advantages of Economic Independence

Advantages of Economic Independence Advantages to  Individual Advantages Of Being Economic Independence–If we visualize the “hunting & gathering” society of the past then economic independence was reached by an individual when he could hunt & gather for his sustenance & also add to the family. Graduating from dependence to independence Read more…


Fat Reduction Diet Plan

Fat Reduction Diet Plan I know many people who exercise regularly with the prime purpose of losing fat (particularly girls) & exert quite hard & yet do not seem to lose fat. It is quite demoralizing & quite a few give up because desired results are not visible. This post Read more…