Exercise Enthusiasm Sustenance

Exercise Enthusiasm Sustenance–Starting to exercise is not very difficult. However, sustaining the enthusiasm is not easy & most people give up within a month. Maintaining regularity is vital. Let us analyze the reasons why the initial euphoria dips & what is the way to sustain our spirit.

Why Exercise Enthusiasm Wanes?
  • Anything new is charming. The initial euphoria takes an individual through one-two weeks.
  • Some progress is also visible initially. As time passes, the rate of progress recedes.
  • Self doubts creep in-will the desired objectives be ever attained?
  • There are often aches, pains & injuries, which can be quite demoralizing! Initial over enthusiasm is often a reason for injuries.
  • The motive for exercising itself is weak. More often than not it is appearance related- visible chest & bicep muscles for boys & slimness for girls.
  • We have easy excuses- work pressure, pressure of studies & so on. The long term benefits are not very apparent.
  • The work/study pressure as it is seems tiring, hence the idea of exercising appears not very appealing- it apparently tires one further.
  • Lack of patience & desire to get results overnight.
Exercise Enthusiasm Sustenance- Methods
  • The right motive should be long term health & fitness & incorporating exercising in lifestyle. If this is the motive then smaller goals like appearance will get automatically achieved.
  • If we intrinsically believe that regular exercising is good for us then we will be able to subdue emotional impulses to not exercise, by our conviction to exercise regularly (our value).
  • Have patience. Results cannot be obtained overnight. The rate of progress will slow down. This is the truth in accordance with nature. The world record holder athlete has to work very hard to maintain the standard, forget about improvement.
  • Some injuries, aches & pains are an inevitable part of exercising. However, these negatives are far outweighed by the long term benefits.
  • We should realize that exercising helps improve our performance at work & studies. This is the truth, though it is often not apparent.

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