Failures & Successes in Life!

I generally share success stories of my students to inspire others. Not all success stories are great and sometimes failure stories have greater impact. I share the message of Manish Negi, [email protected],

who did not qualify SSB but will surely be a winner in life. Please read his story:

Manish’s Words


Sir, I got screened out from 11 SSB Allahabad yesterday, with this my dream of serving in the Indian Army has ended. I tried as hard as I could, so I don’t have any regret. Since childhood I always wanted to be an officer in the Indian Army, but I was not following the right direction.  I put in a lot of efforts, but I did not receive the right guidance. I did what I thought was enough to get me selected, since I had to rely on my peers, internet and coaching academies for guidance, as there was no one who could guide me and show the right path to follow. I did what others told me to do to get selected. In the process I wasted my initial chances and precious time.
When I got to know about you, it was very late but still I had two more chances.  Sir, your guidance helped me a lot to regain my self- confidence and pride and by following it I sensed good changes in my lifestyle and I did well at SSB but due to some reasons, I could not make, and in the last attempt, I got screened out so I could not to do anything about it.

Sir, now I will start preparing for my other career options. I am also thinking of resuming my studies, as after graduation, I did not go for higher studies and also, I did graduation for degree & not for studies, so I am keen to pursue studies.

Sir, thanking you a lot for your time and wishing you a happy life ahead!!!
Your guidance is very essential for the youth like me and the work you are doing is great!

My Words

Manish, life is more a marathon than a sprint. You are a great guy, mature and soldierly in conduct. More soldierly than 50% of the guys donning uniform. I am proud of you & proud of our association. Ignore the setbacks & move on; you are a winner in life!



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