1. Easy: The easiest job is the one you like.
  2. Ahead: The meaning of life is to keep moving ahead.
  3. Sacrifice: Big success often requires big sacrifices.
  4. Happy: Happiness is a state of mind.
  5. Discussion is the best way to resolve a dispute.
  6. Satisfaction: Job satisfaction is a sign of a successful life.
  7. Encourage: Innovation needs to be encouraged in our society.
  8. System: A well optimized system gives the best outputs.
  9. Quick: There are no quick tricks to achieve success.
  10. Comfort: Getting out of the comfort zone is an important step towards progress.
  11. Judge: One human cannot judge another on moral grounds.
  12. Women still have a long way to go in achieving equality in India.
  13. Desire: Desire is the root cause of disappointment.
  14. Bold: Society fears bold women more than anything.
  15. Brave: A brave person is the one who does what needs to be done.
  16. Defeat: Defeat is a bigger teacher than success.
  17. Subtract: All the things that are pulling you down in life need to be subtracted.
  18. Undesirable: Corruption is undesirable in the society.
  19. Boy: Army turns boys into men.
  20. Knife is the best tool for jungle survival.
  21. Bad: Bad people can come into mainstream if given a chance.
  22. Food: Reading books is life food for thought.
  23. Thought: A thought is indestructible.
  24. Adorable: Kids are adorable.
  25. Simplistic: Teaching needs to be made simplistic if we are to get the best out of kids.
  26. Accomplish: Great accomplishments have been made in the field of science since the 19th century.
  27. Cooperative: A cooperative person is the best a team can get.
  28. Powder: The invention of gun powder changed the face of war.
  29. Kill: If you are open to learning new things you will never need to kill time.
  30. Suspect: Never suspect your abilities only your hard work.

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Aniyush Juneja · Jul 19, 2019 at 9:50 am

Sir I started my pursuit to become an officer, almost 8 months from now. From then I have faced 3 C/O and is now confused that were am I lacking in my personality. So it would be great if you can guide me.

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