Improved Self-description

A sample self-description of a student has been revised to explain as to how it can be written better in this blog.

Self-Description (Written by the student)

  • PARENTS – My parents think that I am a responsible, hardworking. And they believe that I will achieve my dream one day. But they also advice to focus more on my studies rather than giving tuitions.
  • Employer – My employer believes that I am punctual, Hardworking, Helping and good in my work. He advices me to give more time to work(teaching).
  • Teachers – My teacher say that I am an average student. And they also think that I am hardworking and dedicated towards my goal.
  • Friends– My friends think I am funny and loving in nature. They also find me helpful. They also appreciate me for creating a positive mindset even in tensed situations. But they also advise me to work on public speaking skills.
  • SELF – I think I am responsible, self-dependent and honest guy Who works hard towards his goal. Also very caring about his family and focused on his Aim. I Like to be fit and playing cricket. And “teaching is my teacher”.
  • AIM in Life and Qualities to would like to improve – I want to be successful. And would like to improve my physical and mental abilities for which I do exercise daily and take enough amount of nutrition. And work hard on my studies. I would also like to improve my vocab and communication skills in future and be a good speaker.

Self-description (Revised)

  • PARENTS’ Opinion – My parents think that I am responsible and hardworking. They believe that I have the commitment and will-power to achieve my dreams. They advise me to focus more on my studies rather than taking extra- tuition classes of children.
  • Employers’ Opinion – My employer knows that I am punctual, hardworking, helpful and competent. He advises me to devote greater time to work(teaching).
  • Friends’ Opinion– My friends think that I am fun loving and caring. They find me helpful. They appreciate my positive mindset even in tense situations which has a positive impact on others as well. They advise me to improve my oral expression and public speaking ability.
  • Own Opinion – I think that I am honest, responsible and independent. I am well focused and work hard to achieve my goals. I care for my family as well as friends. I like to keep myself fit and love playing cricket. Though my parents feel that I should focus on my studies rather than teaching students but I feel that what I am doing gives me greater clarity in understanding the academic subjects that I teach, improves my reasoning and analyzing skills and also has enhanced my sense of self-reliance and confidence.
  •  Qualities I would like to Improve – I am keen to become an officer in the Defence Forces and in order to do so I need to improve my written & oral expression. I also need to improve my general awareness and physical fitness. To accomplish these I need to be better organized, focused and disciplined every day.

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