A large number of Indians think that Modi is a strong, bold & decisive leader. This is untrue. He is actually an incompetent leader. I have explained this in the blog.

Psychology of the Competent Leader. A competent man realizes the reality of interdependence of humanity. He realizes that no one person can be the repository of all knowledge & experts must be respected & consulted for individual as well as collective benefit. Hence consultation and delegation are virtues of a competent man and essential for human advancement. I am sure that even the strongest of Modi supporters would agree that he cannot treat his own heart attack, if he has one, & will have to be treated by an expert. Similarly by the incompetence displayed in ‘demonetization’ & handling of the problem of NPAs it is clear to India that he & Jaitley lack the economic wisdom required to govern India. The virtues of a strong competent senior leader are:

  • He acts confidently and decisively in difficult and ambiguous situations after deliberations with experts.
  • He is well aware that he can be wrong & is democratic in nature & open to advice from colleagues.

Psychology of the Incompetent Leader. An incompetent leader thinks that he is strong because he does not listen to the views of experts or colleagues. I have suffered several such leaders in my Army career. Now India is suffering Modi.

Request to Modi in National Interest

If Modi is genuinely convinced of his competence then I challenge him to just do one thing and show his bravery: Make a historian his personal physician. I request Modi with folded hands in national interest to:

  • Reappoint Raghuram Rajan as RBI Governor.
  • Remove Jaitley as Finance Minister & make an eminent economist as the Finance Minister.
  • Most importantly please allow them to do their job & not interfere!

I am a nationalist & am concerned about India’s health. Modi should show his bold decision making as regards his health & not India’s health.

Strong Leaders

Bold, decisive, strong and competent leaders are good in all situations for all organizations and countries. India needs such leaders. Demonetization and mishandling of NPAs are not examples of a strong leader but an incompetent leader. Nobody needs incompetent leaders.

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Colonel M.M Nehru

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MSP · Jan 3, 2019 at 6:46 am

Very bookish. Just saying demonetisation was bad is not good enough. Give your ‘economist expert’ opinion, if you are not one then ask for expert advice the way you are recommending for Modi.

    Colonel M.M Nehru · Mar 8, 2019 at 2:34 pm

    Thanks for your views!

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