A student asked me to comment on the subject. This post is an answer to the question.
An individual is often involved in the following types of decisions:
1. Those affecting only himself/herself. (Does not include career decisions, because family & friends are often affected).
2. Those affecting family & friends.
3. Those affecting only organizations.
The term “emotional intelligence” or EI has become quite popular in recent times. In simple words it implies the level of understanding a person has about his & others’ emotions & how he utilizes this knowledge. I have discussed the term EI, to set to rest any confusion some may have with a perceived relationship with “emotional decisions”. “Emotional decisions” have nothing to do with EI.
We should take all decisions rationally (by weighing the pros & cons bereft of any emotions). No decision should be taken emotionally.
Decisions affecting organizations should be purely rational. It is for this reason that even family run businesses have often (sensibly) opted for professional leadership to obviate undue influence of emotional aspects.
Decisions affecting only ourselves should also be taken purely rationally- it is very difficult to do so!
Decisions affecting family & friends should be taken rationally with due regard to emotional aspects.

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