SSB Doesn’t Give Reasons for Rejection

I have answered several questions on Some of the popular answers are being posted as blogs. A question often comes to the mind of rejected aspirants: Why SSB Does Not Give Reasons for Rejection? I have explained the answer in this blog.

SSBs Overloaded

Staff at the SSB is hard pressed by the work load. There is no concept of a weekly break or holiday. All Sundays, Holi and Diwali we keep working! The day there is conference for one batch, another batch reports in the evening. We do observe a board break periodically, which has been more than earned.

Reasons for Rejection

Reasons for rejection are very clearly known and it appears logical that this should be told. Let us understand as to why this is not done. The reason of work overload has already been explained above.

Explaining Reasons for Rejection will Consume Time

If reasons for rejection are explained satisfactorily to each candidate it will take approximately half a day. This kind of time is not available.

Reasons for Rejection Difficult to Explain

The reasons for rejection are well understood by the assessors but to explain them to candidates in lay man terms or simple words which they can understand will be a complicated task and require a different kind of expertise which is not available with the assessors. It will require additional training.

Who Do You Train for Counseling?

SSBs will have to provide this additional training of counseling the rejected candidates to one of the 3 assessors, or create additional staff for counseling. Creating additional staff will have serious financial implications and is unlikely to be approved by the organization. Loading the existing staff with this additional work is also not fair, considering the existing work load.

What should Candidates Do?

My explanation has conveyed the perspective from the side of the SSB, but this knowledge has not helped your cause. To help the rejected candidates here are the tips:

Don’t Over-Introspect

Don’t waste time in endless introspection.

Improve the Following:

  • Fitness.
  • GK.
  • Communication skills: written and oral.
  • Be more organized and disciplined.
  • Develop clear understanding of your core subjects studied or work being performed.

Impact of Above Tips

Once you improve the above aspects you will become a more competent person in personal life as well as in inter-personal relations and your chances of selection would increase. Good luck!

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Arjit Parashar · Apr 25, 2017 at 1:59 pm

Thank you sir! your crisp and simple methodology gives clear direction to all the defense aspirants.

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