SSB Interview: How to Crack!

After great deliberation an exhaustive list of qualities required in a Defence Services Officer was prepared, which came to be known as Officer Like Qualities (OLQs). The qualities are personality based & not skill based. A selection system was evolved to assess those qualities. This deliberate & highly evolved system is what is found in SSBs- the three techniques (Psychology, GTO & Interview) working in cohesion & not isolation.

SSB Process: Very Difficult to Manipulate

It is difficult to manipulate your way through even one technique (focusing efforts on the assessment system to beat it through some tricks).This is what coaching academies are trying to teach & aspirants are often trying to achieve! The chances become miniscule when it has to be done simultaneously through the 3 techniques. In short, the system is very sound & extremely difficult to manipulate.

Nowhere else in the country such an elaborate selection process is utilized. Since selection in civil jobs is skill based & not personality based such a system is not required. Defence Institute of Psychological Research (DIPR), in Delhi, is the only institute in the country imparting knowledge about personality assessment. This knowledge is thus restricted to the Defence Services.

SSB Interview: How to Crack?

To pass SSB an individual requires a sound all round personality. He/she need not have any knowledge about the SSB procedure. SSB aspirants should focus on inculcating the required qualities, rather than focusing on ways to beat the system. This will take time, effort & patience. However, this is the only way. There are no short cuts to crack SSB, as being promoted by the coaching academies! The key to cracking SSB is:

” Begin a life long journey for  self improvement, SSB will get taken care off”



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