How To Prevent Tea & Coffee Addiction


How To Prevent Tea & Coffee Addiction–I see this as a major problem with students & office goers, just to name 2 categories. Long hours of study/work, particularly at night, get students/workers habituated to drinking an unhealthy amount of tea & coffee. Reasonable quantity is okay, but beyond 4-5 cups per day is on higher side.

Genesis of the Problem

To think well the brain requires a decent level of sugar in the blood. When this level dips craving for sugar is caused. A very quick, convenient & socially popular source of increasing this blood sugar is tea/coffee.  This is how it usually starts. Since caffeine is a stimulant, it does make one alert early in the morning, particularly after a late night.

Why it is Harmful?

Consumption of sugar means consuming unhealthy calories, no fiber & very few nutrients. The release of sugar in the blood is fast, but depletes very quickly as well. It causes acidity, weight increase & a whole lot of other problems.

How to Overcome the Problem

An Apple or a Banana is much better to keep the blood sugar steady & can keep you working well for longer durations than tea/coffee. Hydration is very important. For this there is nothing better than simple water. All other drinks including the fast gaining popularity energy drinks & fruit juices are far inferior. Fruits & water also prevent acidity.

Solution For Prevent Tea & Coffee Addiction

In order to study/work for long hours, snack on fruits & drink plenty of water.  Up to 4 cups of tea/coffee a day are okay. If you change your habits in this way, the quality of your study/work will also improve. Thus long hours of study/work may also reduce! You will be studying smart, rather than hard!

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