Question: Who Can Get India Out of Economic Crisis?

We Indians love magic wand solutions. That is what this question is trying to seek. In a democracy we the people have great responsibility. We should do the following to ensure that democracy, institutions, rule of law & Constitution are upheld. We can do that by doing the following:

  • Endorse the letter written by 49 eminent persons against mob lynching in crores.
  • Start mass movements against:
    • dilution of RTI Act.
    • Electoral bonds scheme.
    • Violation of human rights in J&K.
  • Start a mass movement for demand of a white paper on demonetisation.
  • Start a mass movement for investigation into Rafale scam.

We Indians are celebrating human rights violations in Kashmir & Balakot (about which very little is known). So long as we grant such intoxicating powers to power hungry and incompetent people like Modi-Shah we will continue to suffer the crisis that we are suffering. If we demand transparent & good governance then even Modi-Shah will deliver what is good for us. We should wake up & start demanding what is good for us. My request:

Stop looking for magic wands & start acting to save India & democracy, which is being cut by Modi-Shah like the Aarey Forest.

Colonel M.M Nehru

Colonel M.M Nehru Is Consultant in Personality Development Coach .Nehru Sir Provide Online Guidance to SSB Aspirants by online .Nehru Sir also Write top Articles here for motivating students and increasing their g.k level.If U want to more about Colonel Nehru Click Here


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