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Problems of Spoon Feeding

I find a large number of students who come to me to be having inadequate ‘reasoning & analyzing’ abilities as per SSB standard. We use creative methods to overcome the problem. It will be of interest for parents, students & teachers to realize the causes of this inadequacy. This will give students, parents & teachers we should/should not do.

Salient Reasons for Spoon-feeding Culture

1. Tendency among students to mug up without understanding (remember the ‘balatkar’ speech in “3 Idiots”!).
2. Over-rating marks over comprehension.
3. Teachers’ tendency to discourage questions from students.
4. Students’ approach of seeking the easier way out & thus not exerting their mental muscles to understand difficult things. This, sadly, is the most important way to improve reasoning ability!
5. When students are stuck on a difficult problem they go for extra tuition classes. Actually struggling with problems will cause them to think & thus improve reasoning. It is important to realize that you have to use your own brain only to live your life & take your major life decisions; no one else can do it for you!

Why I Don’t Spoon Feed

I am a personality developer & well know that getting easy & quick answers will be against the long term interests of my students. I have their long term improvement as my goal.
Therefore when my students struggle to understand things or find it difficult to set their long term, short term & weekly goals I don’t do it for them, but only guide them. This approach helps them get greater clarity of purpose in their lives & not spoon feeding!

Lesson for Parents/Teachers/Students

Please do not spoon feed and get used to being spoon fed. A student will grow more competent if he/she is not spoon fed!


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