10 Must Know Tips If You Want to Avoid Failure in SSB 

SSB aspirants are keen to know tips which can help them succeed in SSB. These tips are given for the benefit of SSB aspirants.

  1. English. A confident person with good English communication skills can rarely be screened out. Hence it is very important to improve English. A person who can speak good English will be reasonably confident too! Good written expression is very important in ‘Psychology’ tests. Good oral expression is vital in ‘GTO’ as well as in ‘Interview’.
  2. GK. Good ‘General Knowledge’ is a great asset to help you get selected. It is valuable in’ GTO’ as well as ‘Interview’.
  3. Knowledge of Subjects. You must have clear understanding of the major subjects you have studied recently. If this is lacking then selection is very unlikely. It is clear evidence that you never focused on the main thing you were doing in your life and were casual about it. It indicates assessors to deduce that you are likely to continue your habit.
  4. Physical Fitness. Physical fitness is not an apparent selection criterion. It however, affects performance in ‘GTO’, your ability to influence the group and confidence. In some cases it can be a major reason for rejection. An unfit person obviously lacks the will power & determination required to be an officer.
  5. Friendly Nature. The backbone of ‘Defence Services’ is team work. Hence a friendly nature is an important selection criterion. A person should be able to work as an effective member of a team and have a positive influence on the group. A person who displays characteristics of being dysfunctional in a group will be rejected.
  6. Discipline. A good candidate should be able to abide by rules and regulations. If he has led a well organized life it will be very helpful in getting selected.
  7. Determination. A good candidate will be capable of withstanding mental and physical stress with reasonable ease. In day to day life he should not be a quitter in the face of difficulties. Examples of quitters:

a              Will run to parent or teacher when confronted by a minor problem.

b              Will quit a subject if he finds it slightly difficult.

c              Will quit playing a game if he has a minor injury.

d              Will quit  a job if he faces minor difficulties.

Please do not be a quitter. Services do not need them as officers!

  1. Mental & Physical Stamina. A good candidate would have faced mental & physically challenging situations with reasonable ease and thus have developed these qualities adequately. Examples:

a              In exam time would have been able to study for long hours productively.

b              Would have been able to meet  difficult deadlines in work/home/study successfully.

c              Would have been able to accomplish physically demanding work successfully.

  1. Cheerful & Energetic. A good candidate would remain cheerful and energetic.
  2. No SSB Knowledge. If a candidate has developed the qualities discussed above, he need not have any knowledge about SSB and will be selected.
Conclusion: 10 Must Know Tips If You Want to Avoid Failure in SSB

SSB aspirants should work to develop the above qualities, rather than spend time in trying to know about the SSB process.

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Colonel M.M Nehru

Col. MM Nehru, Director at NFA, is a Personality Developer. He is an experienced trainer and has orchestrated numerous sessions around leadership, time management and personal effectiveness for corporate clientele. He holds a master’s degree (PGDM) in Defence Studies and Business Administration and was an Arts Graduate. If you want to know more about Colonel Nehru Click Here


vikalp · at

is physical and mental stamina only developed through experience ?

    Colonel M.M Nehru · at

    Yes, experience is essential!

rohit tiwari · at

Thanks sir,I find something new every time I read the blogs.

rohit tiwari · at

Your English writing skills are excellent.Please share the ways to learn English.

M Srikanth · at

mental strength??
please tell us how to improve mental strength?

    Colonel M.M Nehru · at

    Please read the blog on improving willpower

Akshay · at

Sir , I went for an SSB for Indian Army and result was Not recommended. My conference went on for a very long time about 30 to 35 min and I was confronted by some question which were not reliable at that time .for
Example :as my name is Akshay so I was asked how many films of Akshay kumar have u seen ,how many states are there in your country ,name them and it’s capital so my question is : Sir, what could be reason behind my rejection ?and what things should I improve for my next SSB?

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