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India is witnessing mis-governance of the highest order. As a result Indians are suffering.

Sensible Response

The government called an all- party meeting to formulate India’s response. This was a correct act. What should have been done in this meeting is that the Army Chief or the Defence Minister should have briefed all present in the absence of the media and the following should have been done:

  • The entire truth of what all has transpired should have been told.
  • India’s possible responses should have been explained along with the most preferred response with reasons.
  • Consensus should have been reached on the political, military, economic and diplomatic course of action to be taken by India.

School boys could Have Done Better!

This would have resulted in synergistic action. It would have avoided unnecessary frittering of energy on the opposition blaming the government and the government digging out what transpired in 1962. It should be clear to India that knowing some dirty secrets of 1962 will not change the present and our focus should be the present. This is something so simple that even school boys could have done it if they had a fight with a neighbouring school. Somehow seasoned politicians of India are so incompetent that we have to suffer what is happening without knowing as to what will transpire.

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Colonel M.M Nehru

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