Personality can be taken as comprising of Superficial Aspects & Core Aspects.

Superficial Aspects
  1. Appearance.
  2. Communication skills.
  3. Presentation skills.
  4. Personal grooming.
  5. Social etiquette.
Core Personality Aspects
  1. Reasoning & analyzing ability.
  2. Social adjustment.
  3. Leadership ability.
  4. Energy, enthusiasm & liveliness.
  5. Life goals & motives.
  6. Organizing ability.
  7. Will power.
  8. Moral & physical courage.
  9. Personal value system.

The Superficial Aspects of Personality can be taught in a capsule program. An individual can thus ‘know’ about them. ‘Learning’ these aspects is a different matter. ‘Learning’ implies a permanent change in behavior affected because of the ‘knowledge’.
Improving Core Personality Aspects cannot be done in a capsule program. It involves learning new habits & often unlearning old habits. The latter is much more difficult. The degree of difficulty increases with the age of the individual.
Improving Core Personality Aspects requires tremendous commitment & effort on the part of the individual & takes time. Accepting a need for improvement is an essential prerequisite. Consistent, proactive effort exerted with deliberation & patience yields results at a slow pace. The pace of improvement will be unique to each individual.
Improving Core Personality Aspects in an incremental manner yield great dividends to the individual. The impact on personal & interpersonal effectiveness is great.
At “NO FRILLS ACADEMY” the focus is on Improving Core Personality Aspects. These take time & guidance has to be customized to the needs of each individual. This guidance cannot be learned in a group, because each individual has a unique personality, unique weaknesses & strengths & unique pace of progress!