3 Year Voluntary Army Tour of Duty

Army has proposed a tour of duty for volunteers for 3 years. The brief of the proposal is as given below:

Edited Report from Indian Express

“The proposal is a shift from the concept of permanent service/job in the Armed Forces, towards ‘internship’/temporary experience for three years. Unemployment in our country is a reality, however there is resurgence of nationalism and patriotism,” says the note.

However, the entry criteria for such candidates will not be relaxed. Army spokesperson Colonel Aman Anand confirmed that such a proposal is being discussed, and emphasised that, if accepted, the “tour of duty” will not be mandatory. The “major crux”, says the note, lies in making the proposal “attractive to the government, Armed Forces, corporates and most importantly the individuals” who opt for it.

For this, it proposes that the individual’s earnings for the three-year period could be made tax-free.

It will bring in savings from salaries and pensions, and “decrease the frustration” of officers who are released after 10-14 years of short service, when they are in their mid-30s.
Pointing out “immense financial benefits to the organisation due to reduction in pay and gratuity pay-outs”, the Army has said the cost of a three-year service per officer will be a fraction of the cost incurred on Short Service Commission (SSC) officers.

It says the cost incurred on an officer, who leaves after 10 or 14 years, is Rs 5 crore-Rs 6.8 crore, which includes the cost of pre-commission training, pay, allowances, gratuity, leave encashment among others.

The Army estimates that the corresponding cost for a three-year service will be Rs 80 lakh-85 lakh.

For soldiers, who usually serve for 17 years, the Army has calculated a lifetime savings of Rs 11.5 crore per person, as compared to a three-year service.

Noting that the proposed scheme will be on trial basis with limited vacancies, the Army has said that “it can be expanded further, if found successful”.

My Comments

· It is a good idea. It will benefit the youth who join the Army as they will gain invaluable experience for life. It will help the society by training and disciplining the youth. Their employability, post Army tenure would be good in the corporate. It will be a great benefit for the Army by getting a much greater number at much lower cost.

· Citing unemployment as a reason for the idea is absolutely right.

· Citing patriotism as a reason is probably a brain child of Modi, Doval & CDS. In my view there was never any lack of patriotism in India before 2014 & nor has it increased now.

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  1. Why do we need this type which can be a part of exploitation of youth
    And why didn’t they tried to increase the size of TA or they could have done some changes and might have introduced some new schemes in TA

  2. Its very good thinking because many people want to join indian army but not reccommend thats is the great opportunity for yongster and i am thankfull to government??

  3. Sir I’m an defence aspirant. I’m in final year graduation and is going to appear for cds 2 2020. If I get the opportunity of TOD should I grab it or continue with cds and then further ssb?

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