Final Blog by Gen Dev on TA: How to Join?

Final Blog by Gen Dev on TA: How to Join?

Age & Gainful Employment

 Any Indian citizen can join the TA as an officer, junior commissioned officer (JCO) or a soldier except those from the police. There are two common stipulations for all the three categories:

  1. The person should be between 18 to 42 years of age and
  2.  should be gainfully employed . Gainfully employed includes agriculture and self- employment.

Education & Joining Procedure

 With regard to the educational qualifications, it is graduate for officers, class 12th with NCC C certificate for JCOs and class 10th for soldiers. 

 For officer entry, a written examination is held yearly followed by an interview at respective command HQ, SSB and medical examination. Registration is online and candidates who qualify report to their respective units as officers. Written examination is akin to CDS and should be prepared for accordingly. SSB is the same for all types of entries including the TA. Normally the registration is done in the period May to July with the written test being conducted three months later. This, however, is not sacrosanct and can undergo changes.

Two Months Embodiment or Full Time Career

 As the TA has evolved, it’s embodied/ deployed percentage has increased and stabilised around 75 to 80 percent. Compared to this, approximately 65 to 70 percent officers are career TA officers, i.e. those who want to serve as full time officers. The balance are the classic TA officers who report for the mandatory two month training only. Going by these figures, those who want to, can continue to serve in the TA as full time or career TA officers.

  The recruitment of soldiers in TA has recently been handed over to the recruitment directorate of the Indian Army and it is scheduled to commence in the month of June this year. Suitable allowance to TA aspirants in physical tests is factored in with regard to age.

  There is a provision for direct entry JCOs in the TA. However, it is more an exception than a rule. In case a TA unit wants to recruit direct entry JCOs, it projects its requirement and on its sanction by the TA directorate a written test, interview and medical examination are carried out under the aegis of the respective group HQ followed by merit  based  selection .

 For all details regarding joining the TA please visit In case you still have queries, please pose them to No Frills Academy and I shall be happy to answer them.

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  1. Sir, I have a question to General Dev sir, can a TA officer or Jawan apply for regular army by choosing SCO or ACC courses?

  2. I do farming along with my brother in law so in this case what documents or income proof I’ve to submit?

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