India launched Operation Sanjeevani to extend help to a friendly country Maldives for medical supplies. The Maldives is an island nation which is situated towards the southwest of India. In the Maldives, there is a huge issue of transportation. The Maldives can be reached through ships or airplanes. But as we all know due to the ban on air transport Indian Airforce launched this mission “OPERATION SANJEEVANI“.

The Indian Airforce transported 6.2 tonnes of essential medicine and hospital consumables to the Maldives on 1st April 2020. 

The consignment could not be transported through other channels due to 21 days lockdown in India. The Maldives is the first country in Indian’s neighborhood to receive the essential medicines since lockdown.

it is not the medical assistance that has been provided by the Indian Government. These logistics had been purchased by the Maldives from the various companies earlier this year.


IAF C-130J Super Hercules aircraft airlifted the supplies to Male(Capital of Maldive). At the request of the Maldivian government, the IAF aircraft performed the Operation Sanjeevani from the various airports Newdelhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Madurai before flying to the Maldives. 

The Indian Army facilitated the medical supplies from different warehouses across India to the airports.

Kind of supplies

Among other things, this medicine includes influenza vaccine,anti-viral drugs such as Ritonavirus, Lopthavirus which has been used to treat the patient with COVID-19 in other countries. Medicines for hypertension, Kidney ailments, blood pressure, diabetes, cancer treatment, etc.

The other medical items include catheters, nebulizer, urine bags, and infant feeding tubes.

India-A friend indeed

India has also supplied food grains and edibles to the Maldives despite the logistic challenges during the period of lockdown as the neighboring country is dependent on Indian imports for such supplies.

India had earlier also gifted 5.5 tonnes of medical supplies to the Maldives on 14 March 2020 and also sent a 14 member COVID -19 Response team of doctor to enhance preparedness.

India had rescued 9 Maldives national from Wuhan which was once the epicenter of the crisis. Also, from time to time we help the Maldives, Of late India, donate 30000 Measeals vaccine to the Maldives in January 2020.

IAF Operations all across

IAF has airlifted essential medical equipment for the last 3 days from Delhi, Surat, Chandigarh to Manipur, Assam, Nagaland & UT J&K, Ladakh.

The Relevance of name Snjeevani:

In Hinduism, the word Sanjeevani can refer to either of these two meanings.

Sanjeevani ‘ Booti’- A magical herb or plant.

Sanjeevani ‘ Mantra’- which is believed to be able to bring back the dead person alive.

The Mention in Ramayana

The herb is mention in the Ramayana when Ravana’s son Meghnath attack with a powerful weapon on Lakshman.

Lakshman was badly wounded and nearly dead.

Hanuman approached the royal physician of Lanka Sushena for advice.

Sushena asked Hanuman to bring four medicinal herbs from Drongiri Hills in Himalaya.

1. Mruthasanjeevani(Restorer of life).

2. Vishalyakarani(Remover of arrows). 

3.Sadhanakarani(Restorer of skin).

4.Savarnyakarani(Restorer of skin colour).

On reaching the Drongiri Hills Hanuman could not identify the herbs, He lifted the whole mountain and bring back to the battlefield. That’s why this name(Sanjeevani) is given to this operation. 

SAARC Leadership

On 15th March 2020 SAARC meeting was held among the leaders of the country through video conferencing at the invitation of PM Narendra Modi.

Establishment of a SAARC Emergency response Fund for COVID-19 with an initial amount of 10 million US dollars as a contribution by India.

Maldives pledges to give $ 200,000 to SAARC Coronavirus Emergency Fund.

Export Ban

On 24 March India had banned the export of all kinds of Ventilators, Oxygen Therapy Apparatus, Breathing Appliances and devices and Sanitizers.

Following this India also banned anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine on 25 March.


But India put one step forward and see the Maldives as a friendly country help instead of these situations i.e India is taking care of their neighbour . we must also take care of ourselves as well as of our neighbours.

#StayHome Stay Safe.

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