Pulwama Tragedy: Random Thoughts

Pulwama Tragedy: Random Thoughts

Intelligence Failure?

Intelligence about a terrorist strike was available. The exact nature of act may not have been available. It may not be available 10 years later as well. Such an intelligence failure may happen in US or Europe. Such things happen today & will happen later as well. Fool-proof intelligence systems don’t exist. I don’t very seriously blame the present government for this.

From Where Explosive Came?

We shall keep hearing changing versions of the quantity and nature of explosive used. It started from over 1000 kg & has now come down to below 100 kg. It could have come from Pakistan in bulk but there are higher chances that it would have come in small quantities. It maybe RDX & maybe some mixture of explosives. Explosives have civilian uses as well & hence can come from there too. So many AK-47s & ammunition keep coming to Kashmir from Pakistan. Inducting explosives is easier than AK-47s. I don’t very seriously blame the present government for this.

 BJP Government Blame worthy?

  • The government is blame worthy for increasing the feelings of alienation and disillusionment among the Kashmiris by following the hard-line stance and promoting the ‘Hindutva’ agenda.
  • The government can be faulted for not devising a proactive Pakistan & Kashmir policy, but past governments have been almost as blame worthy, hence any focused criticism of Modi government would be unfair.
  • The government is blame worthy for not adequately safe-guarding the Kashmiri Muslims living or trading outside Kashmir. The government is failing to uphold the secular Constitutional values.
  • I don’t blame the Modi government for the occurrence of the Pulwama tragedy.

Politics on Pulwama?

Modi is of course playing politics on the Pulwama tragedy. He is definitely blame worthy for this. Considering his low ethical values and that he is due to lose power of PM in a few months I would expect him to panic & behave the way he has been behaving.

Creation of Anti-Kashmiri Sentiment

I will not go into the details of the actions of some Governor, ABVP & some actor- all of whom belong to or are affiliated to the BJP and are using the incident to spread anti-Muslim & anti-Kashmiri sentiment. These actions don’t surprise me at all. The whole idea of ‘Kamandal Politics’ started by Advani is based on hatred and divisive politics. I am not surprised by Modi’s continuation of this divisive politics. Congress has also not denounced such actions because it too wants the ‘Hindutva’ supporter votes. For Modi it makes sense to divide Indian society and increase sentiments of disillusionment among Muslims and Kashmiris. This policy will definitely lead to creation of more Burhan Wanis and cause deterioration of the situation in Kashmir. Modi’s agenda is continuation in power and for that he is willing to sacrifice Kashmir. For Modi remaining in power is more important than maintaining peace and promoting growth in India.

Imran Khan’s Statement

Imran (Taliban) Khan is the closest a civilian head of Pakistan is to the Army, religious fundamentalists & ISI. Pakistani leaders are traditional liars. Let us just ignore his statement as trash.

Politics Over Visit of Saudi Arabian Prince

Important Facts About Saudi Arabia

  • Saudi Arabian money fuels terrorism and it supports Pakistan. India can do very little about it.
  • Over 41 lac Indians reside in Saudi Arabia & remittance to India is over $ 10 billion annually. Saudi Arabia sees investment opportunities of $ 100 billion over the next two years in India.

Considering that India needs the money and the employment I fully support Modi’s red carpet welcome of the Prince. People & opposition can keep talking whatever they want. It is stupid to associate everything with Pulwama tragedy & stupid to expect Saudi Arabia not to pursue her perceived national interests. We (India) our balancing our relations with Iran and Saudi Arabia in pursuit of our national interests. Saudi Arabia is balancing relations between India & Pakistan. This is all fine.

Suggestion for ‘Hindutva’ Organizations

I consider Muslim radical organizations braver than ‘Hindutva’ organizations because ‘Hindutva’ organizations kill and attack the weak and defence less Muslims in India while personnel of Muslim radical organizations become ‘fidayeen’ attackers in India. I suggest that these organizations become braver and go & conduct attacks inside Pakistan & kill Dawood Ibrahim or Hafeez Saeed rather than Pehlu Khan or terrorize students in Dehradun. Let us have a Ram Sharma do a Ajmal Kasab on Pakistan.

Comment on Us-Hindus

It is a sad fact that a large percentage of Hindus want the Kashmir land but not the Kashmiri people. For this all of us have to do our soul searching to prevent this alienation. For this you & I are more blameworthy than any past or present government.

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