TA: Blog by Gen Chaturvedi

TA: Blog by Gen Chaturvedi

This is a guest blog by Gen Chaturvedi. Gen Chaturvedi, served in a senior position in TA. Gen Chaturvedi, is a close friend and my aggressive, forehand court Tennis doubles partner.

The origins of the Territorial Army (TA) are traced back to the early nineteenth century when civilians employed with East India Company were recruited, for brief periods of time, to augment the company’s fighting potential.

Within months of India gaining Independence, the TA was restructured in 1948 and it’s form was ratified later by the Parliament through the TA Act. 

Today, the TA is a 65 battalions strong force and ideal for all able bodied Indians, between 18 to 42 years of age, to join and serve the Nation. Another major stipulation is all persons applying to join TA have to be employed ( including self employed).

Let me explain this: conceptually, TA is a reserve force which is sought when required and is trained accordingly. So, all the TA employees are employed in various government and private organisations but are trained periodically to serve the Nation as part of the Indian Army whenever called upon to do so . This is the original concept,however,  TA has evolved into an operationally effective force with 70 percent of it’s troops always deployed in support of the Indian Army in the North and Northeast regions of our country.

So , how does the TA function when most of it is operationally deployed and all the TA persons are supposed to be gainfully employed in other professions? Interesting! Leaving you with some food for thought ;I will explain it in  my next blog.

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