Why Pakistan is a Boon for Indian Army?

Why Pakistan is a Boon for Indian Army?

Pakistan is the biggest pain for India. It will sound surprising as to how it can be considered as a boon for the Indian Army? Let me explain.

Respect in North-West India

North-West India has witnessed wars with Pakistan. Whenever I went to border areas in Jammu, Punjab & Rajasthan people showed great respect for the Army. Army personnel were welcomed with a lot of warmth. North-West India considers Army personnel as their saviors. On various occasions I had to interact with the civil administration to seek help in resolution of petty disputes of soldiers & other problems. Invariably the issue was resolved quickly in a favorable manner. The outlook generally was,
“Army is doing a great service for us; allow us to help you in small matters!”

Limited Respect in South India

In my tenures in South India I never found such warmth. One of my junior officers (GTO) once got involved in an altercation with civilians in Bangalore. The civilians were on the wrong but the Police behaved in a totally biased manner against the Army officer. Such behavior could never have happened in North-West India.

Army is Important When Population Feels Threatened

Since Pakistan is a potential threat to North West India, Indian Army personnel are respected in the region. South India has not been affected by wars with Pakistan and hence South Indians do not respect the Army like NW Indians.

Pakistan Army Creates Bogey of Indian Threat

Pakistan Army keeps creating the bogey of threat from India to ensure its preeminent status in the country. Indian Army does not act like Pakistan Army but benefits in that it is respected by the country & more so by the people who have been affected by the wars with Pakistan and cross border actions.
Thus in a perverse way it can be said that the Indian Army has to thank Pakistan for sustaining its importance in India!

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  1. Hello sir.
    I am a south Indian and this is the first time I’m witnessing a differentiation made among Indians as south and north Indians. And it is hurtful to read this. I belong to a village where most of the boys chose army after their 10th or PUC. And I myself aspire to join the Indian army. I am attending SSCW-Tech SSB in July 2018. Every Indian respects and loves his country and the Indian Armed Forces,irrespective of his location within India. We may not be affected by the wars with Pakistan, but our Nation is. Some incidents might have happened which might have made you feel this way. I apologize for that on behalf of south Indians . I don’t mean any disrespect to you sir. This is what came to my mind after reading this article and i had to express it.
    Thank you.

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