Who Can Get India Out of Economic Crisis?

Question: Who Can Get India Out of Economic Crisis?

We Indians love magic wand solutions. That is what this question is trying to seek. In a democracy we the people have great responsibility. We should do the following to ensure that democracy, institutions, rule of law & Constitution are upheld. We can do that by doing the following:

  • Endorse the letter written by 49 eminent persons against mob lynching in crores.
  • Start mass movements against:
    • dilution of RTI Act.
    • Electoral bonds scheme.
    • Violation of human rights in J&K.
  • Start a mass movement for demand of a white paper on demonetisation.
  • Start a mass movement for investigation into Rafale scam.

We Indians are celebrating human rights violations in Kashmir & Balakot (about which very little is known). So long as we grant such intoxicating powers to power hungry and incompetent people like Modi-Shah we will continue to suffer the crisis that we are suffering. If we demand transparent & good governance then even Modi-Shah will deliver what is good for us. We should wake up & start demanding what is good for us. My request:

Stop looking for magic wands & start acting to save India & democracy, which is being cut by Modi-Shah like the Aarey Forest.

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