Federer the Greatest Ever!

Federer the Greatest Ever!

Federer is unarguably the greatest ever Tennis player. See the statistics. Federer, with 19 Grand Slam titles is ahead of all male players. He is competing in an era which is the ‘Golden Age’ of Tennis with great rivals like Nadal, Djokovic and Murray, who have reduced the number of Grand Slam titles that Federer could have won. Some other aspects which indicate his greatness are:

  • At almost 36 years of age he moves as well as anyone else on the court in modern Tennis. Modern Tennis is witness to some of the best movers on court in the history of the game like Nadal, Djokovic and Murray.
  • He can match the pace and power of guys who are 6’6”.
  • The power of serves and strokes of modern Tennis are way ahead of past years. Raonic serves at 240 km/hr. Thiem hits forehands at 170 km/hr. Federer can handle all these and remain aggressive.
  • He moves and plays with grace & not brute force and yet he can beat the biggest hitters & best movers.


  • Sampras could serve and volley. His second serve was better than Federer’s and so was his over-head smash. Federer is effective on all surfaces. Sampras struggled on clay-courts. Sampras could not rally from the back-court with his contemporaries. Federer can beat the best from the back-court on all surfaces.
  • McEnroe can be considered as having greater hand skills and competence in doubles. He was never a match for Federer in power of serve, strokes or movement. Lendl could beat him on clay and could scare him into volleying errors by targeting his body. There has never been a better doubles player than McEnroe. Federer has, however, won an Olympic Gold medal with Wawrinka. Federer has played very little doubles. I saw him playing doubles in IPTL in 2014. This is what I saw:

He played doubles partnering Bopanna and Sania. Bopanna is a top class doubles player and Federer was better than him in doubles. He was by far the most impressive player on court among all the 4 players in both the matches that I saw.


In longevity comparisons can be made with Ken Rosewall and Connors. However, they were not title contenders in their later years. Federer is very much a title contender for the US Open as well as the ATP Masters of 2017! He is not hanging his racket any time soon. He has shut-up the large number of critics who have been advising him to retire since 2013!

Comparisons with Martina Navratilova and Serena Williams

Comparing Federer’s exploits and greatness with Martina or Serena would be difficult because comparing the genders itself is a debatable topic. Martina and Serena are greats in their own respect and I would not venture into comparing Federer with them.

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