Have you considered taking a moment to check how much time you are spending on social media and news channels that are no less than social media?

Guest blog by Bhamini Sehgal

A fraction of the content available on such platforms is actually useful, rest is like chips; you tend to keep munching on them without much thought. This has a psychological impact.

If you are constantly thinking and hearing things like “Oh my god, we are in Red Zone”, “a CoVid case was found a few kms from me”, you tend to develop stress levels that may have an impact on your immune system.

In the ever-so-connected world as today, spread of media is much faster than Corona Virus. Therefore, we have to be responsible about the content we are consuming and spreading. While we practise Social Distancing, Social-media distancing should also be observed.

The spread of CoVid has been fast and without a vaccine, it boils down to the immunity levels of an individual to fight the virus.
Therefore, it is important that we eat healthy food, exercise regularly and strengthen our immune system.
Do not forget the psychological aspect of your immune system – your mind.  

Take Aways:
News – Eliminate time spent on News Channels that sensationalise issues. Rather look for sources that “analyse” important issues that surround us. 
Social media – Utilise the platform to stay connected with your loved ones and not as a source of “killing time”.
Mental health – While we understand the importance of exercising and eating healthy, spend time to strengthen your mind. Gift yourself some “me-time”. Meditate. Read. Write.

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