Muhammad Ali’s Fitness

Muhammad Ali’s Fitness

No Weight Training!

Ali did not train with weights but he did train hard for 6 days in a week. He ran 6 miles under 40 min each day & had a 3 hour gym session each day which included sit-ups, bag punching, ball punching, skipping, sparring, shadow boxing, etc.

This training regimen gave him the built he had. He did not have massive arms like George Foreman or Mike Tyson or some other heavy weight boxers. His body was more like that of an endurance athlete rather than a power athlete.

If I could have advised him then I would have told him to do the following:

  • Include more HIIT instead of 6 mile runs to improve power, while retaining endurance.
  • Include weight training and plyometrics to improve power.

I am sure Mayweather’s training regimen is more in keeping with modern advancements in the field of fitness!

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