Post Covid Recovery Plan

I returned home after spending 10 days in ICU for Covid on 23 Sep. My lungs were still in a bad shape and I continued on steroids for 22 days more. I continued to find it difficult to sleep for about 6 days and took sleeping pills on two nights. For about 10 days I used to feel very hungry and had to eat at 10:00 PM, again at 2:00 AM and then again at 4:00 AM, before having breakfast at 8:00 AM. I started working but mental stamina was not too good.


Recovery Exercise Plan

I had started walking and doing deep breathing exercise as I walked from 15 Oct onward. By end of Oct I had built up to approximately 3 km. From 01 Nov I had incorporated mild jogging along with walk in my routine. By 07 Nov I had built up to approximately 5 km and increased the duration of jogging and reduced the walking part. I used to check the Oximeter reading and it used to be 96-97. The doctor told me to forget about checking the readings any more. Today I walked for only about 10 percent of the distance and jogged the balance part. Lungs are supposed to recover fully in 6-8 weeks. In my case 8 weeks get completed on 14-15 Nov.

On 07 Nov I began strength exercises as well. I could easily manage to do 5 sets of push-ups of 20 each and 5 sets of pull-ups of 6 each. Strength exercise will be done regularly now. I have to ensure that I do not feel strain in breathing.

15 Nov onward I plan to increase the running speed as well as distance. I plan to be able to jog steadily for 8 km and incorporate sprint training as well and build up on strength exercises as well. I should be able to do 40 push-ups, 8 pull-ups and run 5 km in 32 min by 01 Dec.

Till 01 Dec I am staying away from Tennis and start it in the first week of Dec. I expect that my body will be in a position to take on the strain of sudden sprints required in the game.

My weight had gone above 80 kg (on the day I was discharged it was 75 kg). It has come down to 78 kg now. I expect it to come in the zone of 75-76 kg by mid Dec. That is my optimum weight. I passed out from IMA at 75 kg in 1982. However, it will take me till about end of Jan to regain the lost muscle mass (if ever!)

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