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“What is in a name”

  -William Shakespeare


On 2nd June 2020, a resident of Delhi named Namah filed a petition in the Supreme Court in order to get an amendment in the name India and to change it to Bharat .


The petitioner, told the reason that the name India looks like a symbol of slavery. The name India was given by the British government and they ruled on Indians for 150 years. Due to this , the name suggests sound off slavery.


We Indians, believe in the power of name. There are many names that our country has. Aryavart,Bharatvarsh,Bharatbhoomi, India, Hindustan many names are there. The name of our country lies in the Article 1 of Indian Constitution.


The Article 1 of Indian constitution says:

  1. Name and territory of the union,
  • India, that is Bharat, Shall be a Union of States.
  • The states and the territories the roof shall be as specified in the first schedule
  • The territory of India shall comprise


The name of the nation was a topic of debate in the drafting committee chaired by B.R. Ambedkar of constituent assembly. There were many arguments and opinions regarding the name of the nation. Few Important opinions were…

HV KAMATH : He gave the opinion to use Bharat name as primary name and Hind as an alternative.

SETH GOVIND DAS: He gave the opinion that “India , that is Bharat” are not beautiful words. These words should be replaced by “Bharat, known as India also in foreign countries”. He gave some logical arguments in order to use these words. Like the Vedas, the Mahabharata and writing of Chinese traveller Hiuen-Tsang used Bharat as a writing name. The slogans of Mahatma Gandhi “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” and “Angrezo Bharat Chhodo” also contain the word Bharat.

In 2014, Yogi adityanath, the former member of Loksabha also brought up a private bill in order to replace “India,that is Bharat” by “Bharat, that is Hindustan”.

After completing the period of slavery, many countries have changed their names..

Srilanka that was Ceylon

Myanmar that was Burma

Mali that was French Sudan

Mexico that was New Spain

India has also changed many names of famous cities that were named under the colonialism of British government..

Kolkata that was Calcutta

Mumbai that was Bombay

Prayagraj that was Allahabad

Kanpur that was Cawnpore


The petitioner gave many arguments..

•It was said that the word India shows the sign of slavery.

•India’s national anthem contains words Bharat Bhagya Vidhata

•We show patriotism by saying Bharat Mata ki Jai 

•The IPC is Bhartiya Dand Samvidhan

•The greatest civilian honour is Bharatratna.


The Honorable supreme Court gave its verdict and said that both the words India and Bharat are included in the constitution. There is no need for amendment. Along with that, the Supreme Court has given the power to amend the name of the nation to the respective ministry of the Government.

Talking about the drawbacks, the India word is included in all the documents of the United Nations and other organisations. Being irrespective of the name the Indians should focus on the development of India, that is Bharat.

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