Apartheid : A curse in the society

Introduction :-In the materialistic world, we all have been transformed into the material itself. Government has count us as vote bank, our growth has shown in GDP. If there is a student, his growth is understood by marksheet. But there is no one who care about internal growth i.e humanity. Suppose, if u get a chance to meet with yourself via meditation. And try to feel that you don’t have anything, only we need to breathe for the survival in the world. You will realise that there is no meaning of white Or black skin. Then you will feel there is no such thing like casteism, racism or anything. When we talk about such thing I think like God has made us, we don’t know, where we are getting born and what is the colour going to be? If God had gave birth to, it simply means that all are same and there should not be any discrimination based on the colour of skin. Do we think about the reason of such issues in the society that becomes hurdles in the path of growth?I would go with recent news..Current scenario :-On May 25th 2020, there was an incident of United States of America that an African American namely called as ‘GeorgeFloyd‘ killed by a policeman on the street just for $20. The main cause was that person, G. Floyd bought cigarette and paid it’s cost i.e $20. But the shopkeeper find that note is fake, so he called the police after argument. As the police came, caught that person and drag near the car, make it difficult to breathe for him. That person was Shouting “ I can’t breathe”. This creates fire in entire U.S.A. It has become the slogan nowadays which is available on the streets and social media as well. The world is witnessing such incidents in a developed nation. The same incident was in light in the same country in 2014. That person was also black and also his last word was the same i.e ‘I can’t breathe’. The time has come that the developed nation must have to behave like mature. If it is not considered, then there is a possibility that I will change into we. The U.S.A is already passing through tough time due to COVID-19, already more than a lakh people have been deceased, and there is another riot of racial discrimination. If it is not controlled well, it can be worst phase of it.After all, there was a protest near the White House. The president ‘Donald Trump’ replied as ‘people who were protesting outside the White House, if they had entered, vicious dogs were waiting for them’.As I think, this was not the expectation from the world class leader in a Democratic nation. This had the effect of promoting a very unhealthy relationship between blacks and whites, the bitter harvests of which the Americans have to reap in later years.
Historical Background :-
Initially, South Africa and America both were a tribal countries. It changed into colonies of England, as English was dominant in the world due to its trade in the East. English had established port and fort in South Africa and expanded their trade. For the expansion of trade they needed manpower, for this they used local tribes. And they were not paying them accordingly as they had military power. Workers were paid in the form of alcohol, unequal pay for equal work was often. They suppressed the tribals successfully. Then, they started slave trade, people of South Africa were selling out in a market for manpower. By this process, most of the African had reached to America. And they had faced racial discrimination at large scale. At some point of time, slave trade was at peak. As time passed, condition of Black’s were getting better. Whites settled there, and started organising colonies, market places, shop for spices etc. According to their comfort of that time, it was developed. In the same way they developed America as well. But there was a problem every where like they started discrimination based on the colour of skin. They had developed infrastructure but separate for whites. As we can see some examples:-
The waiting room at the railway station.

Source:- Wikipedia
A separate colony, those days it was said if there is a black neighbour, that will devalue the property cost. So, Whites were started moving and developed a new colony.

  Source:- Wikipedia
In theaters also, they had faced the same issue. 

                          Source:- Wikipedia
More discriminations like
1. Loans were not issued for blacks, they were denied whereas whites get that easily for their development. 
‘Black families can’t get loan’ , they were understood declined. 
2. Segregation were in everything like Education, Hospital, Dining, Trains, Buses, waiting point, theatres etc. 
3. A lady witnessed in a hospital that, a mother gave birth to a child, and nurses denied to touch the baby itself. 
4. White government focuses only whites. 
And many more.. 

Situation of India :-
When Britishers came to India, they were shocked after seeing that women were ruling the region. They come to know about the queen in South India, who had defeated Duch. Britishers were amazed after seeing the bravery of Indian women. Afterwards they had fight with brave queen like Rani Lakshmi Bai and many more. 

A Hindu woman can go anywhere alone, even in the most crowded places, and she need never fear the impertinent looks and jokes of idle loungers.                        By :-Abbe Dubois

Initially Britishers were unable to find the way to rule India as they wanted to. They made effort and read the very rich culture of India and came up with encouragement in Sati. But the king of our country connected it with pride of themmselves. Britishers even started performing racial discrimination in the mills. During that struggle he came to know about varnasystem and casteism. This was the biggest win of Britishers in India. In the consequence, India is still struggling with casteism. As the Western countries have apartheid, here we have casteism. There are reasons why Britishers did not achieve success in apartheid in India, in our culture most of the God are shown black in colour like Shiva, Maa Kali, Vitthal Maharaj, Lord Vishnu etc. So, people of our country have proud feeling of being black i.e no can discriminate on the basis of colour. This was understood by Britishers in the early phase, so they worked on casteism. Because they left us independent physically not mentally. People were there, who were following Britishers blindly because they were getting personal benefit from the Britishers. 
Condition of women :- Women were staying in unethical society, where they had no legal or fundamental rights. The environment was not supporting them. They were just Surviving. And, Britishers were aware that they were not going to expand their trade if women had started any movement against them. So, he had started Witch-hunt. It has totally suppressed the condition of women. Women were often tourtred, raped, arrested by the police. Arrested people were also treated with discrimination in every means during custody. Those days raid in home was common. The police used to come in search of people or arms , if they didn’t find anything, they used to beat the ladies and charged with hiding stuff. Women were selling out on the Street for the purpose of prostitution. No case were registered against the Whites. Interdependence was the only hope for the survival. But time has changed, we say as
“You can take the child out of the country, but how could you take the country out of the child “.All such people had fight for themselves. They had desire to feel the essence of equality in every sense. 
Role of Social Activists in the society :-Activist were working effectively in the society. They were able to change the mindset of the tribals. It took too much time to reduce racial discrimination through out the world. If we talk about NelsonMandela, he had sacrificed his life to the uplift the condition of blacks. He was the 1st person in the world, who asked for voting rights of the blacks. For this he organised youths of the country. He was influenced by Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy. For the upliftment, he spent 27 years in jail, but he was always talking about right of black people. He had given the term “UBUNTU“, which means oneness to humanity. One can achieve ourselves by sharing ourselves with others and caring for those around us. He changed laws and hearts as well. After his release from jail, he was elected as very first president of South Africa. Afterwards they awrded with India’s highest Civilian award BHARATRATNA and then NOBELPEACEPRIZE and many awards. He was the man who had invested his life towards the country’s upliftment. There are many examples like him who had worked throughout the life, some are writers who had wrote many books to take it away from the society. There was a time when women were emerged as social activist from each house in South Africa. The role of social activist will never be forgotten for the unbelievable work towards the society. 

 People who saw inequality everywhere, can talk for equality everywhere. 

ImpactonSports & Culture :-
Recently I had come across the feeling shared by cricket player ‘Chris Gayle’, he shared about there experience of racial discrimination during his career. Same issues were raised by footballer of the world. The issue was also raised by world’s fastest sprinter, who had bagged several gold in Olympics i.e Usain BoltIf we turn the pages of our history, blacks had not leave a single stone unturned to prove himself that they are not different from us. They are getting victim of it just because of their skin colour. Blacks are getting the similar issues in singing, dancing, gaming, almost everywhere. This is how we are treating our tribals. Sometimes I feel it is very nice to see the culture of tribals. What if I had forced them to stop such cultures. It will be same as the situation of endangered species of this world. If it would continued further, then what is the direction of the world? 
The last note :-
We had reached here by defeating thousands of thousand issues. We should work together to get rid of it. Today world’s youth have sufficient energy to tackle such unethical issues. As we are getting such issues in education and sports, we can defeat it by the process of changing morals and ethics of the society. Again, we are fortunate that God has offered us an opportunity to defeat such problem in a systematic way. God has provided us a golden life, it’s time to prove it. Stand by it to defeat racism. 
We can’t breathe… 

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