This is a guest blog by Anjali Joon.

Euthanasia is the practice of intentionally ending a life to relieve pain and suffering. It can also be called as mercy killing or homicide. Mainly it is done to end the suffering of terminally ill patients.


Voluntary :  It is according to the will of the patient.

Non Voluntary : In this case a person’s consent is not available.

Involuntary : It is against the will of the patient.

Further euthanasia can be classified as  active or passive

Active: It is a deliberate action to kill a patient by injecting lethal substance.

Passive: It is an act to stop  medical treatment intentionally

Legal Status

In many countries it is legalised e.g. Belgium. In India the Supreme Court on March 9,2018 legalised passive euthanasia only. Active euthanasia is still illegal.

Religious Views

Almost every religion  opposes euthanasia . Religions look at life as a gift of God and believe that only God has the right to take it away and not man.

Societal and Ethical Views

People have the right to die with dignity. Living will is a written documentation  by  which they can pre-decide  whether they want euthanasia at the end of their lives or not. If a person can not take this decision for himself or herself then their guardian can decide for them.This living will provides them the right to decide about ending their life.


Ethical reason – It allows a patient to die with dignity.

Practical reason- It allows the medical system to treat more patients and reduces the financial and emotional burden on the  families.


Everyone should have the right to die with dignity.It is the fundamental right of every individual. One should have the power to decide a living will and it should be respected The government should legalise active euthanasia to relive the suffering of the terminally ill patients. Law must be suitably framed to prevent misuse by unscrupulous people.


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