Hurdles in the path of women empowerment 

The world economic forum’s Global Gender Gap had ranked India at 149 out of 153 nations  on economic participation and opportunities.  The same forum had also stated if women participation increases then our GDP will rise substantially.  Even this is pragmatic as if half our population does not work then how our country could achieve great heights . Here we analyze some of the major hurdles in women empowerment and suggestions to that .

  1. Dowry : “ Ladki paraya dhan hoti hai “ This phrase means a lot in our culture . Today apparently it has seen that dowry didn’t exist but we all know that it had made its root in our culture.  It is one of the reasons that families consider girls a burden on them and poor people start collecting money from their birth for dowry.
  2. Early marriage : In our society if girls did her marriage late then it is considered bad ( don’t know why ) . Family thought it was hard to find a good bridegroom after 25 years . This early marriage brings lots of woes for women i.e drop out from higher education , high infant mortality rate , giving birth to stunted and wasted children and lots of misery for them .
  3. Workplace safety: If we want women to participate in the workforce . We need to ensure 3 things to them i.e transport facility,  security and children care . Even if women are capable of doing work they are hesitant to do so mainly because of security reasons . If We can’t render security to our mother, sister , wife and daughter then how even  can we think to become super power ?
  4. Financial Aid : In our society women depend on men for their survival. Nobody can become independent without money.  To provide financial stability to women we need reform in our society like property transfer, loan from bank at low interest or bank should provide loan to them and ensuring equal opportunity for earning  then only we can see more entrepreneurs who are women.
  5. Women issue : Our hon’ble PM modi has raised issues related to women from Red fort which were considered taboo . We need to work on these issues more as they are an integral part of women’s life and affect their work . We should also monetize their household work as through this they save lots of money.

Suggestions : All above mentioned points are related to each other. We didn’t have to just work on 2-3 things . We need structural change in our society. We have to teach boys how to respect girls from childhood.  Most imperative women have to stand for women (as they didn’t) then only we can bring attitudinal change in the society including women as they herself thought they are inferior. Government has to make the system robust so women could raise their voice against injustice freely. As most of crime like rapes, torture, etc are done within the four wall of house by family members. We have to protest and fight before committing heinous crimes. So we can prevent those. 

Conclusion : we need a holistic approach for women empowerment. They should get higher education , good health,  equal opportunity for participation in every field and do the brain wash of boys or men . Remove the patriarchy word from society.  Then only we can achieve academic progress and make our country from developing to developed one .

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