Migrant Crisis, why did they even migrate from Villages?

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The mass exodus of millions of people from urban areas to rural areas is something that we need to ponder upon. Because it has bought a contrasting reality between Rural India and urban India, Employed and unemployed and many more.

As a whole we see and ask why are they migrating back? but the real question we should be asking at first place is why did they even migrate to urban areas?

The few reasons that swim out are, poverty, unemployment, lack of basic infrastructure in various sectors such as Hospitals, educational institutions, Connectivity (Land/Air), Quality of life and many more.

COVID-19 is an alarming sign of our Unplanned policies of urbanization that only cities, towns should be provided with the most sophisticated facilities. The margin of growth between Rural and Urban areas, cities and villages has increased so much that people migrated for better facilities. When policy of Industrialization was put forward, Towns and cities were first choice which indirectly paved way for infrastructure and related developments in those areas. During this process the villages or the rural India in general was ignored in such a way that getting water in tap is still something people dream about.

There was green revolution in country’s history but the question is that what purpose did it serve for betterment of farmers rather than industrialists/middlemen who captured the moment. The income of the farmers was not significantly improved and if changed it was marginally very less to survive and strive in this century. The villages are ill equipped with Facilities for hospitals, leave for humans but for animals too. India called as an agrarian economy has shortage of Veterinary hospitals and even shortage of doctors in this field. Education, sanitation, quality of livelihood, caste system have also played their role in this migrant crisis.

Imagine being an IT professional and being provided with the slowest internet, outdated computer peripherals. and expecting you perform better; will that be possible?

Agriculture being the largest profession India is facing vast array of problems. climate change is smallest of them. The biggest of them is sustainability of life of people dependent on it. Agriculture as the only source of income for many were not finding its worth because of crop losses, climate change, government policies etc. Living a life of farmer and living on farming became difficult thus making people to make a move for urban areas for employment. These migrant workers are not someone who are skilled to work but these are ones who are ready to do any work for earning money. Lack of development, I say timely development has created a huge impact. If we don’t give proper attention to this sector, the RURAL INDIA, then we are not far from making a largest man-made disaster.

What can be done? how can rural India be made the forefront of the worlds largest democracy?

1. understanding what actually agriculture needs?

 For industries we have Special Economic Zones (SEZ) where all basic amenities for proper functioning of industries are given. Agriculture, in the same way can be thought about. Water, electricity, weather forecasting, soil testing etc. The facilities that are provided to industries according to their needs can be implemented by far same to farming also. Thus, making farming more productive and advanced. and implementation these things will surely help people to stick to farming and less migration.

2.Providing villages the basic Infrastructure

Villages often lack basic infrastructure in Sectors such as Healthcare, Education, sanitation and other fields. Providing these things will improve quality of living of people in rural India. Government policies and reforms can be bought in lower levels such as from Tehsil/Taluk can be made nodal centres for implementation of basic these needs.

3.Integration of science and technology with rural areas.

Science and technology are still far away from rural India. Making technology as tool to develop villages and villagers can change their lives and give birth to a new revolution where Farming as a occupation becomes the most sought after. Farmers and farming techniques may be helped by science to have great days ahead. The change in climatic conditions, soil composition and other valuable things in farming can be explained by the help of science and the technology will help them fighting all odds.

Migrant crisis in view of Urban India

It is a fact that even government was not aware of the number of migrant workers in country. We have a dedicated labour ministry and other organisation which are functioning all across the country but even they were surprised by the crisis. COVID-19 has shown how informal sectors of Indian economy are to be equally managed and looked after. Things such as registration of these worker details, knowing their skills and whereabouts can be very helpful in making a countrywide database which will be very helpful in future and even helpful to provide them with government benefits. This pandemic also highlights the population growth and rise of unemployment equally. It shows it is a matter of fact for people to lose jobs.

Migrant crisis can be easily called a Man-made crisis. This Crisis would have been averted for short time if preventive measures were taken in advance and if the lockdown exercise was well planned by taking every sector into consideration. But this crisis of migrant workers has brought in many issues which need to be addressed as soon as possible to advert any future coming crisis. This might look as a temporary problem but the background and future impact is something which need to worked on by policy makers of this institution to lead India out of these future crises.

Strive India, Thrive India.

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  1. One more thing which I think has to be done is the awareness of the rural people. They are even unaware of the existing schemes of the government and also their rights. # Rural India makes the urban India and vice versa. So why Rural India is not considered as an area of development.

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