In the 2015 Paris climate agreement prime Minister of India along with president of France presented their visionary initiative of OSOWOG as their INDC to promote use of clean energy and also put the foundation of international solar alliance. The whole world is suffering from a lot of problems arising from climate change so this can be a milestone cure for several problems emerging worldwide.

  On 26thon 26th of May 2020 ministry of non renewable energy government of India invited bids to take over the implementation work of this visionary initiative. The one sun one world one grid initiative is expected to be completed in three phases.


MESASEA interconnection- Indian Grid interconnection with Middle East, South Asia and South-East Asian grids to share solar and other renewable energy resources.

i.e. the Asian continent’s interconnections.


Solar and other Renewable Energy 

resources-rich region’s interconnection.

i.e. the  initiative reach out to the African continent


Global interconnection in order to achieve the vision of one sun, onesun one world, oneworld one grid.


  • It will shift global demand of energy from non- renewable to renewable energy sources.
  • Since the African countries had a problem of electricity so it will help them to fulfill their electricity demand and will also suppress the conflict arising between Ethiopia and Egypt regarding the water of river Nile.
  • It will help in countering the threats originating from China’s OBOR project in which it is investing billions of dollars in infrastructure, railways, port, power etc. in Asia Africa and Europe.
  • Sea link between India and Oman is also expected to be developed under this initiative so it will help in the development in both the regions.
  • A world solar bank(WSB) is also projected to be set up having its headquarter in India to backdrop the lead of China which is having Asian infrastructure investment bank and national development bank in its region.
  • Since this initiative will promote the use of clean energy hence It will also help the environment to heal itself.

India’s prime Minister Narendra modi on his 12th May’s address to the nation  told that “international solar alliance will be India’s gift against global warming” so the fact can’t be denied that this initiative will surely going to be a great success in the near future which can not only promote use of clean energy but also reunite the world.

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