15 Days’ Coaching for SSB of NDA, CDS, etc

15 Days’ Coaching for SSB of NDA, CDS, etc

Coaching academies in India to train SSB aspirants provide 10-15 days of capsule coaching. Views of Amit Balhara, a SSB aspirant are given below.
SSB is basically a comprehensive test of personality, involving assessment by 3 independent assessors utilizing 3 different techniques and then sharing the assessment to evolve a consensus assessment. For this test a 15 days’ capsule of coaching will do little good. The reasons are discussed below:

  • Focus on SSB Process and Not Personality.

Most of the coaching academies teach how to manipulate way through. This approach is flawed because they should actually focus on improving the candidates.

  • Focus on SSB Tests.

After taking coaching, aspirants think that the tests and doing them well is important. Actually it is “you who is important and not so much the test!” Thus the focus is again wrong!

  • Discuss and Prepare for Psychology Tests.

Coaching orients the aspirants to prepare for Psychological tests in advance. They often write TAT & SRT responses which are coached. However their true personality emerges in the responses which they write by using their instantaneous thoughts. Expert assessors can easily identify the coached responses and the original ones. Thus it does little help and may harm their chances of selection.

  • Oriented to Crack SSB by any Means.

Coaching orients aspirants to crack SSB by any means. In practice it translates into manipulation of natural behaviour to beat the system and take no action to improve any personality weaknesses.

  • Short cut Approach.

Assessors in most coaching academies do not inform the aspirants about their weaknesses clearly, or suggest means to eradicate them. This probably happens because in 15 days such changes/improvement is not feasible. Thus the only approach available is to try and manipulate behaviour. This has serious negative implications on the individual.

  • Benefits of Coaching Academies.

Aspirants can definitely benefit from the experience in GD and public speaking and interaction with each other. These and improved GK are genuine benefits which accrue to coached aspirants.

Suggestions for Coaching Academies and Aspirants
  • Please do not try to manipulate the system.
  • Learn about your weaknesses and work to improve them patiently and sincerely.
  • Focus on yourself and not the SSB process.
  • Have faith in the SSB system to be fair and unbiased.
  • Even in 15 days do not misguide the aspirants. Tell them their weaknesses frankly and suggest methods to overcome them over a period of time.


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