2020: New Year’s Message

2020: New Year’s Message

2019 was bad year for the world as well as India. We hope that 2020 is a better year.

World in 2019

Trump continued to shape the world for the worse. Highlights:

  • US was involved in a trade war with the entire world in general & China in particular. The pursuit of protectionist economic policies by the US, while appealing to the WWE liking American population, did considerable harm to the world economy, including the US.
  • The world behaved irresponsibly towards the environment led by the US. The situation may soon be irretrievable.
  • The Iran policies continued to push it towards domination by the hard liners.

China continued to increase its influence in Asia as well as the world.

India in 2019

India did far worse than the world in 2019.

  • Politics. Indians made a poor choice when they gave Modi a massive majority in the Lok Sabha elections. Modi used the massive majority to unleash the Hindutva agenda on India with scant concern for the common man. The highlights were:
    • Hindu-Muslim Agenda: Triple Talaaq, abrogation of Article-370, Ram-mandir verdict in favour of the Hindus & the contentious CAA & NRC.
    • Muslims are feeling increasingly insecure.
    • Economy: More Indians got pushed below the poverty line, GDP fell greatly, unemployment reached a 45-year high.
    • India became the world leader in the most polluted cities, hunger index and in imposing internet bans.
    • Delhi and UP Police made India famous for attacking students in Jamia, AMU and killing Muslims in UP.
    • Modi’s control of states reduced as people realized that his policies are worse than Congress, which is good but what is bad is that the people reverted to electing the same old corrupt- criminals as MLAs.
    • Jagan Reddy got hold of Andhra Pradesh and gave quick indicators that he may be the worst CM in India.
    • Opposition. The demoralized and well-fed-drawing-room opposition showed no energy to contest the trampling of democracy by Modi. We only hope that new leaders emerge from the anti- CAA-NRC protests.
  • Media. Media continued to slide further down with focus on promoting Modi’s agenda and not raising the issues concerning the people.
  • Judiciary. The judiciary, by keeping quiet on Modi’s illegal actions in Kashmir and passage of an illegal CAA, gave a sense of despondency to a large section of Indians.
  • People. Indians in general and Bhopal voters in particular let themselves down by voting for Modi & terror accused like Pragya. The troubled youth, angered by Modi’s divisive politics and bad economic policies and driven to a state of despair by the opposition, media and the judiciary started the protests for a simple reason that someone has to resist the anti-people policies of Modi.
  •  Defence Forces. Gen Rawat was appointed the first CDS. Creation of CDS is a good and creditable move by Modi. Gen Rawat, by making pro-Modi statements, particularly when he denounced the CAA protesters as misled and violent, while the majority of protests have been non-violent, politicized the Defence Forces. Since he will be the CDS for 3 years, politicization of the Defence Forces will increase.

No Frills Academy

No Frills Academy performed exceedingly well in 2019 in its sixth year. The largest number of students cleared SSB and even more importantly, an even bigger number adopted a lifestyle which will lead them to success in their careers. This just proves that in the long run systematic effort is better than any tricks or short-cuts.

Vision for 2020

  • World. US people will get a chance to throw away the evil of Trump only in the end of 2020 & thus help the world. I hope they do so. The world needs to fight together to save the environment and not fight with each other.
  • India. The all-India peaceful protests against CAA-NRC have given hope that the majority of the Indians stand by the Constitution and the secular idea of India and do not subscribe to Savarkar-Modi-Shah’s idea of India as a Hindu-Rashtra. These protests will, hopefully, give rise to new leaders who have the energy and ethical values to lead India in the right direction and prove Gen Rawat wrong. Modi, Shah, Yogi, Rahul, Sonia, Akhilesh, Mayawati, Mamata, Reddy and other familiar names in politics including Gen VK Singh and Gen Rawat are pursuing their selfish agenda. We need leaders who actually place India above their selfish interests.
  • No Frills Academy. No Frills Academy is too small a family to be of any significance but the idea of No Frills Academy of believing in systematic effort rather than any tricks or short-cuts is a powerful idea for lasting success and happiness. Our students will definitely get greater success in 2020. More importantly, I hope, our idea would percolate to a larger number.

Wish you all a happy 2020!

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  1. These are your personal biased views. It differs a lot from the reality. You are simply trying to prove your point nothing more than that.

    • My views can definitely be biased because I can only share my perspective. In the same way neither Trump, Modi or you can claim to be knowing the truth or the reality. When we start accepting this we become mature.

    • Thanks for sharing your views. We need not agree on all points & our differences make Indian society a rich society.

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