On 24 Dec 1982 along with others of 61 NDA/71 Regular I became an officer in the Defence Services. Field Marshal Sam had reviewed our passing out parade. Major thoughts which come to mind are that two of our course-mates from NDA, Chau & Hari (both Juliet Squadron) have become the Chiefs of the Air Force and Navy respectively.

We usually have a get-together of our course at major stations on this day but owing to Covid we did not have it in 2020 or this year.

I weighed 75 kg on 24 Dec 1982 and I checked my weight today, it was 75 kg. In 39 years a lot has changed except for my weight.

Shekhu, a close friend, who carried the President’s Colours during our passing out parade and I was his left guard, probably would also be weighing almost the same. My friends Andy (1 PARA SF) & Dober (retired as the head of TA) would also be weighing practically the same as we were on 24 Dec 1982. Most of us have retired. Friends Raj Shukla and Manoj Pandey are Army Commanders and Harpal is the Engineer in Chief. I am hoping that we can have a get-together on 24 Dec 2022.

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