Nupur's Resolutions

 Nupur’s  Resolutions

In the series of sharing their true experience of winning the battles with themselves to inspire others to do so, Nupur shares her experience. The blog is titled  Nupur’s  Resolutions. She shares her experience about how she made her resolutions and then attained them by changing her habits and setting small targets to achieve her bigger target.

Nupur’s Targets

I found that I was dissatisfied with my weight and fitness. Moreover, I felt that my daily work output (primarily studies and some domestic household chores) was not worthy of myself. I had two options:

  • A  Continue life as usual without affecting any change-living in my comfort zone and continue to have feelings of low self worth, confidence and willpower.
  • B  Resolve to change myself and enhance my self esteem, confidence and willpower.

Fortunately I chose the latter option. Surprisingly it was not very difficult and the results were so good and rewarding that it has been a pleasure incorporating the changed habits in my lifestyle. In fact now I do not even have to make any conscious effort to lead my life with improved habits, because they have become part of my nature. This is how I reformed myself:

Health, Fitness and Diet

I joined a gym and made it a routine to go for exercise every day. I set monthly targets for distance to be covered in 30 min, weights to be lifted in different exercises in consultation with an expert. I kept raising the targets gradually every month to keep them challenging, yet achievable. The targets and the intrinsic reward of experiencing self improvement proved good motivators. I began to enjoy my gym sessions. It was a good release of energy from the pressure of studies. Moreover, on a bad day of no accomplishments, I could feel good by at least being able to run faster and raise my confidence. Over one year I could increase my stamina and strength and reduced 6 kg. I felt good about myself. I felt I had grown stronger internally. I have got hooked to this healthy routine and enjoy it every day. I keep mixing up my exercise regimen to include running, cycling, swimming, Yoga, Badminton, or lifting weights to break the monotony. I am passionate about achieving my daily  targets. The accomplishment of fitness targets is a game that I play with myself! I am fitter and have fun daily!  I have gradually improved my willpower.
While maintaining a regular workout regime I did not change my eating habits much. Initially I reduced my intake of sweets and slowly stopped eating sweets completely. I ate regular meals and avoided junk food whenever possible. Even now, staying in a hostel, there is not much that we can change about the food but I keep a check on the amount of sweets I am eating. This is sufficient!

Improving Focus on Studies/ Work

Physical exercise helped me to increase my focus and concentration power. I devoted at least 5-6 hours every day preparing for entrance exams and improving my general knowledge. Getting more organized in life, doing things on time, finishing household chores timely, giving up the habit of not postponing things and very importantly laying down clear targets for each session of study or work improved my focus and daily work output. In one year’s time I find that today my work efficiency is higher. This helps me to concentrate on the numerous assignments and submissions in college and I am a more useful member of my family. I am more confident now.

Major Targets Accomplished by Small Steps

Not accepting the status-quo, making resolutions and working systematically to achieve them, having patience with myself, not being put off by small failures and disruptions in planned schedule have made me a more confident and better person in one year. We can attain our resolutions by setting small targets at a time. You can do it too!
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