Achieve your Resolutions for 2016

Achieve your Resolutions for 2016

92% of new year’s resolutions fail. Let us not seek solace from the statistic and be part of the 8% who achieve their new year’s or any other resolutions that they make. Let us analyse the reasons for people failing to achieve their new year’s resolutions to ensure that we succeed.


The prime reason for failing to achieve our resolutions/goals is that we lack genuine motivation. We doubt that we can do what we resolve to do. Since most people fail to attain their goals it is quite likely that we live in the company of such ‘losers’ who fill you with self doubts about your ability to succeed. To get the right motivation:

  • Believe in your ability to achieve your goals.
  • Ignore the feelings of insecurities of friends, colleagues and family members on the subject. In fact take it up as a challenge to prove them wrong.

Plan your Resolutions

Plan your resolutions in advance and be 100% committed to them. If the resolutions are a knee jerk reaction and have little to do with your inner convictions and more to do with what is trending in the society then it will be difficult to sustain your enthusiasm to achieve them.

Manageable Number of Resolutions

It is difficult to achieve an over ambitious number of goals. It is much better to have only a few goals to be attained in a short time. Once we succeed we can work on achieving more goals that we do have in mind.

Goals and Willpower

The goals we set our often beyond the capacity of our willpower. Stretching our willpower to improve it is fine, but it can only be stretched by a few degrees at a time. Thus over ambitious goals are bound to fail. We should set goals which are challenging, but attainable.

Cater for Disruptions

The best of plans made with the best of intent can never be attained as visualised in our minds, or as planned on paper. Real life events will always cause disruptions which we should be prepared for and not be an excuse to give up totally (as most people tend to do). Examples:

  • You started the year with an elaborate diet and exercise plan to attain your health and fitness goals. After 2 weeks you had jaundice. You know that it will take at least 6 months before you can recommence your plan. Have patience and recommence your plan with the same enthusiasm.
  • You set a goal to run half marathon below 1 hour and 40 min. After 2 months you had stress fracture and needed rest for over a month. Once again do not give up. Have patience and recommence your plan with the same enthusiasm.
  • You made a savings plan but a financial crisis disrupted your plan. Have patience and restart work towards your goal after the crisis is over.

Remember that you are a rational person and only fatalists get defeated by such disruptions and not mature persons with firm resolve.

Reward Partial Success and Have Patience

If you have been leading an unplanned and disorganized life, setting and attaining goals will involve inculcating a greater sense of discipline and organisation in your life. Your past habitual behaviour will at times strike back causing disruptions in the plan. It is best to have patience and reward yourself for the partial success and restart work towards attainment of the goals without losing heart.

Break up your Goals into measurable small Targets

Let us say that your goal is to become a good runner in 2016 and you cannot even run one km as of now. This is not a measurable goal. It should be split up as follows:

  • Be able to run for 30 min continuous in one/two months.
  • Be able to run 5 km in 30 min in the next month.
  • Be able to run 10 km in 60 min in the next two months.
  • Build speed to run 5 km in 20 min in the next two months.
  • Build speed and endurance to run 10 km in 45 min in the next two months.
  • Cater for time for disruptions. If you can attain the target of running 10 km in 45 min then you are eligible to be considered a good runner!

Achieve Your Resolutions for 2016!

Armed with the above tips, make your resolutions for 2016 deliberately and achieve them systematically, purposefully and confidently. Keep rewarding yourself on attainment of small sub goals and become a winner by achieving your goals for 2016! Become a more competent and confident person in 2016. If this blog has energised you to achieve your resolutions for 2016 then please share it with friends. Happy New Year!

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