Free Basics and Net Neutrality

Free Basics and Net Neutrality

Facebook is promoting “Free Basics” as an exercise in philanthropy. Most of us do not believe him. I am also one of them. “Free Basics” is against the spirit of net neutrality. I am against “Free Basics” and give reasons why you should be as well. I claim no expertise on the subject and invite views to correct, add or delete parts of whatever I have stated.

What I understand by Net Neutrality?

  • There is no restriction on the usage of internet service by anyone.
  • All data on the internet is transmitted at the same speed.
  • The common man as well as the biggest corporate gets treated equally. There is no preferential or differential treatment.

Discriminatory Features of “Free Basics”

Facebook will decide what content can be shown for free. It may not show content of people:

  • Small businesses.
  • People holding contrary views.
Consequences of Discrimination
  • Monopolistic growth of big businesses.
  • Stifle growth potential of new and small business.

Long Term Implications of Free Basics

  • Facebook will greatly increase its reach.
  • It may not earn advertisement revenue in the short run, but in the long run it will do so.
  • In any case it is a business promotion exercise.
  • More users mean more money for Facebook.
Conclusion: “Free Basics” is an Exercise for Revenue Growth

“Free Basics” is an exercise for revenue growth by Facebook. I have nothing against revenue generation and marketing exercises. I am against disguise of such exercise as philanthropy. For this reason I request viewers to not support “Free Basics”.

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