Indian Schooling versus International Schooling

Indian Schooling versus International Schooling

Our schooling is in a bad state. Anyone who can afford to send his/her child to an international school must do so. The government schooling is so bad that is not even part of the discussion. In this blog, “Indian Schooling versus International Schooling” we analyse the reasons for making Indian schooling system bad and what advantages one gets through an international schooling to deduce a solution for the common parent.

 Drawbacks of Indian Schooling

Our schooling system is defined by the following salient weaknesses:

  • Poor quality of faculty because of low pay scales. High salaries exist only in coaching institutes.
  • Obsessed by marks with least concern for learning.
  • Continue with the outdated focus on rote learning.
  • Primarily focus is on theoretical knowledge with very little attention to practical application.
  • Very little attention is given to sports and other extracurricular activities.
  • Produces children who are poor in languages, creative thinking, lack curiosity and are disinterested in learning.
  • Children are harassed by the examination and marks pressure created by parents & teachers.
  • The children are unsuited to match the high quality of employees required by internationally competitive organizations.
  • The children are often weak even in the subjects which they are obsessed with, (namely Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology) because of disinterest and harassment.

Usual Product of Indian Schooling System

The usual product of the schooling is a youth who lacks all round development, is uncreative and lacks suitable foundation for long term growth in future studies and career.

Benefits of International Schooling

  • The schools place great emphasis on extracurricular activities like sports, debates, dramatics and talent shows which are vital for all round development.
  • The curriculum focuses on all round development, inculcates creative thinking, a sense of curiosity and a desire for learning.

Usual Product of International Schooling 

Usual product is a youth who is well developed all round and has the requisite foundation for success in future studies and career.

Solution for Indian Society

Indian parents must understand that the evolution of the our schooling system is primarily because of their harmful obsessions and orientation. Parents should realise that most of them cannot afford the expensive education of international schools. They can easily change the outlook of the Indian schools to adopt the sensible outlook of international schools and give up the present approach.

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