Interview Question- What are Your Weaknesses?

Interview Question- What are Your Weaknesses?

In job interviews you are often asked:

  • “Describe yourself.”
  • “What are your weaknesses?”

In SSB you are asked to write your opinion about yourself and maybe asked about your weaknesses in the interview. I researched the internet and realized that any word about ‘weaknesses’ was treated with great caution and considered a tricky question. Advised responses were framed to be ‘smart’ rather than genuine. ‘Describe yourself’ is also a similar question, because description in essence implies narrating the perceived strengths and weaknesses. In this blog an attempt has been made to explain as to how to answer the question.

Do You Genuinely Have Weaknesses?

We can easily analyse and find several flaws in the Hindu mythological characters like ‘Ram’ and ‘Krishna’ or real world ideal persons like Gandhi and Mandela. If you were to ask Tendulkar if there were flaws in his batting then he would acknowledge several weaknesses. Similarly any top person in his field of knowledge or skill would accept that he has weaknesses. Thus a simple fact is that we all have weaknesses and non acknowledgement of this fact is a lie. There may be persons who genuinely think that they have no weaknesses. We can be assured that such persons will not improve, or progress in life, because they are content with the status-quo. Such people lower their chances of selection in an interview.

Answer to Question- What are Your Weaknesses?

  • Accept unhesitatingly and confidently that you have weaknesses. Remember that whichever job you have applied for, you must be convinced that you are selectable, despite the weaknesses.
  • Describe your one or two genuine weaknesses clearly.
  • After describing the weaknesses explain the actions you are taking to overcome the weaknesses. This is vital because anyone who is aware of his weaknesses and does nothing about it is not a progressive person. We would all like to believe that we are progressive people.

The same logic would apply in answering the question, “Describe yourself” when explaining your weaknesses.

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