De Novo Selection System: 3- Day SSB Process

De Novo Selection System: 3- Day SSB Process

The existing SSB procedure in vogue since 1948 is a five-day long process. The new ‘De Novo Selection System’, which has been designed by Defence Institute of Psychological Research (DIPR) over five years, will accomplish the SSB testing in three days. The new selection system, once approved, will be implemented from 2019.


The ‘De Novo Selection System’ is under trial at an SSB at Bangalore for two years.

Need for De Novo Selection System

  • There was an urgent need to reduce the time for SSB.
  • Reduced testing time will increase the number being tested.
  • There was a need to update the SSB in accordance with the contemporary Service needs and the changes in the society.
  • There was a need to incorporate new techniques of behavioural testing which are now available globally and will be used to automate and refine the SSBs.
  • We still have a deficiency of 9000 officers in the Defence Services. The system will help in reduction of this deficiency.


Subject to the outcome of the trials, and its acceptability by the three defence services, the De Novo Selection System is likely to be implemented at all SSBs in 2019.


  • Time spent in testing will reduce and hence professionals will have to take a shorter leave from their workplace.
  • As a corollary of the above more aspirants are likely to go for SSB.
  • The testing will still involve being tested through the three techniques.
  • It will still remain a personality based, rather than a skill based test.
  • Relevance of personality development and No Frills Academy will remain unchanged.
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