Apply concept of Kaizen in Personal life

Apply concept of Kaizen in Personal life

The remarkable progress made by Japanese Industry after World War II was due to “KAIZEN”. It is a simple & rather unimpressive concept of seeking continuous improvement. Let us understand it with an example. When Ford revolutionized manufacturing with the “Assembly line” concept it was a revolutionary change affected top down. Hypothetically speaking, let us assume that the car went through 40 work stations from start to finish & spent 5 minutes at each work station. Small improvements in efficiency of labor & management (KAIZEN) reduced the time spent from 5 minutes to 4 minutes & 40 seconds, over a period of one month. This 20 seconds reduction will have a cumulative effect of raising production, lowering production cost & providing a competitive advantage to a producer over a rival continuing to take 5 minutes.

Apply the concept of Kaizen in Daily Life

We can apply the concept of Kaizen in our daily lives as follows:-

  • Reducing the time to take bath and change for school, or work.
  • Finish a routine assignment slightly faster.
  • Read a page of book faster with greater concentration and better assimilation.
  • Study your daily routine and assess the time wasting activities and reduce them.
  • Fill up idle time, like travel, etc, with productive work like listening to a recorded valuable program
  • If a subject you are studying becomes boring, switch to a different subject which is interesting and read it with enthusiasm.
  •   My team of top Boxers could do 4 sets of 40 pushups plus 40 sit ups in less than 10 minutes!
  • The applicability of the concept is limited only by our imagination!
  • Have clear work or study goals whenever you work, or study, with specified time allocation. If you do the work faster, then reward yourself with a break, or treat!
Big changes are difficult to effect; small changes and improvements are very much feasible. These small changes and improvements provide us a key to revolutionary benefits in life!
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