Armed Forces Veterans Teach Discipline to Indian Society

Armed Forces Veterans Teach Discipline to Indian Society

This article has been written by a son of an armed forces veteran. I received it from a course mate. I considered it is worth sharing with you all.
An Appeal to the Nation:-
You always wondered how do I ‘TEACH” discipline to my children? Right? Or what is discipline? Can discipline be ‘seen’? Confusing isn’t it? Then comes the school, Parade, YES that is discipline. Left-Right-Left, Left-Right-Left …….. Is that discipline? No.
Come let us take you through a discipline regime that independent India had not seen. JANTAR MANTAR. ARMED FORCES VETERANS AGITATING TO GET WHAT IS THEIR RIGHT. Not one “MURDABAD”, not one ‘HAI HAI” no derogatory comments, no abuses and no personality bashing. 82 DAYS. It’s not a joke. Teach your children what discipline is.
Hardik Patel incites his followers and more that Rs10,000Cr damage takes place. 8-10 people DIE. All in a few days. India is watching. Did you tell your children that there is a way to protest, just have a look at the Veterans at Jantar Mantar protesting for 82nd day because the government is not implementing OROP?
Trade Union bandh. Burning effigies, rasta roko, close banks, hurt business, daily wagers go without food for a day. Who were part of the crowd in Gujarat and trade unions? It was US. We were there. ‘We’ means Indians. The same people who shower their love on Armed Forces? WHY DID YOU DO IT? You are hurting India. Can you injure yourself? Your Armed Forces Veterans are sitting in Jantar Mantar for the 82nd Day today. We are epitome of discipline. We are protesting too. Did we do any harm? Did we destroy anything? Did we burn buses? We cannot because YOU love us.
India, Youth of India, Children- come meet us at Jantar Mantar. Meet your Armed Forces Veterans. You will shower the same love that you did before. We are the same people in COMBAT DRESS that you waved your hands to. We waved back. Come meet us and talk to us or go to the place in your city where the Veterans are protesting. We may give speeches, we may express ourselves, but we remain the same soldier to you. Loving and caring.
There are no policemen near our area in Jantar Mantar. Do we require police to control us? NO. We control ourselves and are very sure that the police near by learn from us daily. Such is the confidence we generate in you. After all YOUR LOVE MADE DYING SO EASY FOR US.
This is discipline. Teach your children by sending them to Jantar Mantar. We will take care of them. Let them get a chance to meet the people on whom nation has blind trust.
Can there be a better way to teach discipline?
Jai Hind!
My Notes:

  1. Compare this with the conduct of our politicians in Parliament (when they know that the whole world is watching!)
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