Astrology the Biggest Science!

“Jyotish” (astrology) is the greatest of all sciences before which all other branches of science are “dwarfs”, he had said adding, “I understand that the world’s first atomic bomb experiment was done on this very land by Rishi Kanad.”

In the Lok Sabha in December 2014, while participating in a debate on the School of Planning and Architecture Bill he had said with a flourish, “ If the science, the maths, the knowledge to transplant a lopped off head back on the body existed, it was in Hindustan alone.”


The above are statements made by the new honourable HRD Minister, Ramesh Pokhriyal “Nishank”in Modi-2 Government. He will usher in the new education policy to guide crores of students. I will not make any comments on the competence or incompetence of the Minister. I do invite comments from the visitors. Jai Sri Ram!

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  1. Firstly there is absolutely no connection explicitly between Hinduism and Astrology.
    Astrology is a pseudo science and find its presence in all variety of Religions we have, though in different form bu the gist remains the same.
    1.Scientifically speaking astrology isn’t a science at all, stars and planets millions of mile away can’t effect human behavior at all.someone may ask proof! well we now have ultra sensitive equipment like LIGO/LHC which can detect most attenuated and feeble signals so clearly the signals from near by planets and stars isn’t a big deal, in a nut shell scientists found no relation between fancy Astronomy statements and Human Behavior/luck etc.
    2.As per proofs available Indians do performed the first surgery but certainly not the only ones to do so,other countries do have surgeries and that too long back ago, and modern Surgery almost started outside India, although India still wins the race with rich heritage of alternative medicine (Ayurveda) and insisting people to prevent than to cure (Yoga).
    3.I don’t believe personally in any statement like an atomic bomb,re birth and head transplant happened in Indian or out side with little or no science available.
    These statements may be the so called “taken literally” statements while their real intention was to tell people that this sort of advancement may come in future.
    4. This one is what I really want to say-Do have proper Educational / Intellectual qualifications for ministers.
    These are my personal views and I have no intention to harm anyone’s sentiments.

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