Audit of My Goals

Audit of My Goals

I had published a blog about my goals last year. I worked with whatever energy and shortcomings that I have to achieve them. I had self-doubts but continued my efforts- not 100%, but 80-90%. There were hindrances, as would always be in human lives. I am sharing my self-audit for the benefit of my students. The link to the previous blog is given separately.
Audit of Professional Goals

  • By Dec 2016 at least 10 candidates, who had major personality shortcomings should be guided to clear SSB. This goal has been easily achieved thanks more to the competence of my students and not much on my part!
  • Improve my knowledge about Economics and Constitution and remain updated with major current events. I have struggled in this department and have achieved only about 30%.

Audit of Fitness Goals
By 31 Aug 2016 achieve the following:

  • Not pick up any major injury. The goal was achieved almost 90%.
  • Military press: 60 kg. The goal was achieved.
  • Bench press: 110 kg. I could only reach 100 kg.
  • Chin ups: 6 with 30 kg weight tied to my back. The goal was achieved almost 90%. I could do 8 chin ups with 20 kg.
  • Leg press: 350 kg. I could do it.
  • 20X 50 m sprints with 30 sec interval; each sprint below 7 sec.I failed badly to achieve this goal. Preventing injury to my Achilles tendon of right leg was a risk I could not take. This goal spills over to Aug 2017.

Tennis Goals: Audit 
By Feb 2015 win 2 singles titles in my age group in which most top rated Indian players are participating. I had a great going in this field. I surprised others as well as myself by winning the Gwalior ITF title in Jan. I notice considerable scope for improvement in skill as well as fitness.
Final Word
Results are never in our hands but systematic effort to achieve them is. Let us resolve to do our bit to achieve our goals!
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