Ban on Pakistani Artists and Sports-persons

Ban on Pakistani Artists and Sports-persons

Ban on Pakistani artists and sports-persons is a hot topic for debate in India today. I share my views on the topic in this blog.

Understanding Pakistan

Pakistan has been conducting an undeclared proxy war against India. Pakistan’s military controls the country. To maintain their preeminence  Pakistan’s military needs India as a perpetual enemy.
Hypothetically speaking if complete Kashmir is taken by Pakistan there will be no improvement in the situation. Pakistan will create trouble in whichever are the bordering states to expand further.

Strategy to Defeat Pakistan’s Military?

A major conventional war with Pakistan is not feasible, nor is it advisable, considering India’s growth aspirations. Pakistan’s army has to be defeated by using all of the following measures to degrade its potential and let it be defeated by Pakistan’s population over a period of time:

  • Weaken Pakistan economically.
  • Degrade it by continuous engagement to fight internal disturbances.
  • Lower its image through propaganda- make films showing atrocities in Bangladesh, Balochistan, POK and Afghanistan. Make films showing defeats at the hands of Indian Army in Bangladesh, Siachen and Kargil. Government should fund such movies.
  • Mobilize public opinion against the military by showing support to terrorism by Pakistan’s military.
  • Make all Pakistan realize that unless they revolt against their military they will all have to pay the price for supporting terrorism by:
    • suffering sanctions which India can impose & mobilize world opinion to impose upon Pakistan.
    • Suffer economic hardships.

No Business as Usual with Pakistan

Indian government has lacked firmness and consistency in the past to launch a war against Pakistan’s army. This strategy should be evolved with consensus in the parliament to define clearly what constitutes, ‘No Business as Usual with Pakistan’ unless Pakistan is pressurized to meet India’s demand and provides proof of not sponsoring terrorism against India. In my opinion banning Pakistan’s artists and sports-persons comes under the category of actions initiated under, ‘No Business as Usual with Pakistan’ and hence must be done to mobilize public opinion against Pakistan’s army. This action should be taken as a part of rational conduct of diplomacy.

Views on Hyper Nationalists & Anti- Karan Johar Activists

I am an army man and respect rational actions. I totally denounce actions of the following opportunists, who are no patriots:

  • Actions of MNS.
  • Hyper nationalists calling film industry people supporting Pakistani artists as anti- national.
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