Break Senseless Shackles!


 Break Senseless  Shackles!

Hari was supposedly an unusually fearful child. His traditional Indian parents were concerned and wanted to help their son overcome his fear. His story is not very different from so many real life incidents in India.  Please see if you can relate to the protagonist, Hari, or his parents and draw your own conclusions. In this blog, ” Break Senseless Shackles!” Hari narrates his story in his own words about how he broke his shackles of being fearful.

Past Events of My Life: Why I was considered Fearful?

  • As five years old boy I had lost my voice for four days after hearing the sound of a cracker. I was so fearful!
  • Till the age of 6-7 fear prevented me go alone in dark rooms, or places.
  • Till the age of 6-7 I was so fearful that I could not touch some paintings and statues kept in the house.
  • As a child I could not think of watching a horror movie.
  • Seeing my state of being an unusually scared child my parents had tied a bear’s hair wrapped in silver coating around my right upper arm (called-“Taveez”) to ward off fears.

I remember growing up as a fairly normal child. However, my mother was overly concerned and protective about my safety and that nobody should scare me. Examples:

  • I was not permitted the freedom to go to school on a cycle till I came to Class 6.
  • I was not permitted to go to attend the evening sports in school.
  • I was not generally granted permission to play injury prone games and indulge in risky activities, as perceived by my parents.

Breaking the Shackles of Fear

When I became 13 years old I realized that this “script about my life” that “You are very fearful and need support!” was not acceptable to me. I decided to change this “script”.  I broke and threw the “Taveez”. Removal of the “Taveez”  was the most important part. I began rewriting my life’s script. Fortunately my parents did not insist that I wear the “Taveez” to ward of fears. It entailed step by step method of overcoming my fears by small insignificant things:

  • Venturing alone in dark areas.
  • Watching horror movies.
  • Feeling cool on a giant wheel.
  • Volunteering for small adventures.
  • Climbing trees.
  • Playing games and venturing into outdoor activities.

Slowly I was no more fearful than the other children. This progress was a good motivation. I continued to work on it further. By the time I came to 10th I found that I was considered one of the bolder persons in my class. In NDA I volunteered for Boxing and did fairly well. I joined the Infantry and was found amongst the best in events which test confidence and courage, like jumping from 10 metres in a pool, rock climbing, commando course tests, being under enemy fire, operating in inhospitable terrains, counter insurgency operations, etc. No one imagined that I was supposed to be a very fearful child!
When I look back on my life, from the perspective of confidence and courage dimensions, the most important point was the throwing away of the ‘Taveez’. It was a symbol which constantly reminded me about my being fearful and imprinted this in my conscious and subconscious mind. Once the ‘Taveez’ went I was free to grow in confidence at my own pace and things worked out okay. I am happy that I did not take the  well meaning support provided by my parents which was detrimental to my confidence and courage.

My Question to You

Do you have any such shackles, or past beliefs imprinted in your mind? You can break them if you want to. I did it!
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